Rustic style houses - III

Rustic style houses - III

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Typical Spanish country houses:

- Cantabrian house
- Castilian house
- Andalusian farmhouses
- On the Mediterranean coast
- The Catalan farmhouse
- High mountain board
- Cassament Ibicenco
- The Mallorcan possessió

- Rustic refined
- Fusion Field

Advertising - Keep reading below The concept of fusion

There is a tendency in the current interior design that consists of combining an avant-garde architecture with details that evoke the rustic style. This peculiar fusion is based on a symbiosis between the building and the environment in which it is located. In fact, the landscape is conceived as an active part of the house with constructive solutions, such as glass panels instead of walls, that integrate the mountain or the coast inside the house.

The concept of fusion

The challenge is so difficult that it usually requires the advice of a professional capable of designing a construction that does not stand out in space, that assumes the climatic demands of the area and that has the necessary skill to give new use to traditional materials, Like stone or masonry.

The concept of fusion

In this style, any recovered element - a fence, the stone of a mill ... -, becomes the protagonist of the decoration and acquires a sculptural value.

The rustic refined

Apart from the features that allow to identify the rustic houses by their geographical location, there is a style that is known as the new rustic or refined rustic. In this type of housing the influence of the great French and Anglo-Saxon country houses is breathed.

The rustic refined

The architecture is stately, with large windows and double glazed doors that are framed with climbing plants. More than the materials, it is the details that add that touch of sophistication that characterizes this style: a carved skylight, a wrought iron vane, an iron-studded door or porcelain handles.

The rustic refined

Inside, the furniture of pickled wood and patinated forging predominate. The fabrics are natural, patterned or plain, but with level: embroidered linen, velvet, muslin ...


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