Discover what the next June issue brings us

Discover what the next June issue brings us

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Muk van Lil

The houses of the next number They have very different sizes. This, which seduces us with its terrace and its splendid garden, is wide. But we will also show you spectacular mini floors thanks to the appropriate deco.

Miriam Yeleq

Fascinating kitchens For the next month we have prepared a unique selection. All of them have in common an extra that makes them more interesting: a breakfast bar, an island or a peninsula. And, also, ideas that you can adapt to yours.

Montse Garriga

My bathroom: with high tech toilets, natural light and chic details.

Magazines UK

Great ideas: Tips for changing closet. It will be practical and very easy!


How are you doing lights? In the next issue we want to become your personal hunter and find for you the most original and attractive lamps on the market. It will be in Shopping Lighting. Do not miss it!

Miriam Yeleq

On sale on May 13!

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