Your home, prettier: Hide the unsightly elements

Your home, prettier: Hide the unsightly elements

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Advertising - Continue reading below 1 A recycled screen

Old shutters have been used to create this decorative separator, behind which the electricity and water meters are hidden. An idea of ​​DIY targets Den.

2 Cabinet for air conditioning

Mara, from Design Evolving, has created the perfect hiding place for this appliance. When not in use, the doors remain closed.

3 renovated shelves

Victoria, from Confessions of a New-Old Home Owner, didn't like the rack shelves in the kitchen cupboard. But he transformed them with these beautiful cloth covers.

4 Secret Door

Kristin, from the blog My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, has created this mini-diary to cover the garage opening device. He has done it with a frame, a piece of recycled wood and a glass knob.

5 And the TV cables?

Julie, from Coordinately Yours, has hidden them under a beautiful molding, which has stuck directly to the wall (no drilling is necessary).

6 How cute!

Kevin & Amanda have transformed their pet's cages with these beautiful fabrics, much more in keeping with the decoration.

7 A very useful chart

This canvas, in addition to decorating the room, serves to hide the control panel of the pool of Melanie, Bliss Bloom Blog. It opens easily because it is anchored with hinges to the wall.

8 Medal!

Kelly, from Eclectically Vintage, has created with a headboard a panel in which to place all the decorations of her daughter. This is used to camouflage the air conditioning outlet.

9 Practical hiding place

This customization of an Ikea dresser, made by Pamela, from PB&J Stories, is perfect for storing the printer. The front of the drawer has been folded to be able to access it more easily.

10 To save your treasures

Behind the covers of these books a box is hidden so that you hide in it what you want. It's an idea of ​​Shannon, of Sewing Barefoot.

11 No sign of the TV

With this idea of ​​Lia Griffith you can hide the TV screen and, at the same time, have a beautiful picture that decorates the fireplace. It is a wooden box covered with a painted cloth.

12 Cover the ventilation duct

Tricia, from Simplicity in the South, has covered it with a radiator grille. A great idea.

13 Router hidden in a book

Being permanently connected to the Internet requires a lot of devices, right? That is why Ana Maria Muñoz has hidden the wifi on the cover of a book, and does not interfere with the signal!

14 Art collage

Switches and thermostats will go unnoticed if you place a picture gallery around them, as Emily did at Jones Design Company.

15 A chic roof

Instead of removing the gotelé, Layla, of The Lettered Cottage, covered it with white wooden slats, which create a very cozy atmosphere.


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