Geodes are the last shout in wallpapers!

Geodes are the last shout in wallpapers!

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Agate, quartz ... Do they sound like you? Both have something in common, and that is they are precious crystals that until now they looked spectacular in your jewels ... But they just arrived at the wallpapers ... And it seems that a long reign awaits them!

Do you dare to take a look at the trend that is going to conquer you with a blow of brightness?

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Do not tell us that you would not put it in your living room ... In fact, with this wallpaper, nothing more is needed to get the attention of your visits! As if you receive them dancing the rain dance ...

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An impact receiver

Can you imagine arriving at a house and encountering such a wall? Well, stop dreaming and do the same in yours!

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Chic green

Sign up for olive with a designer armchair, and complete the look with a wallpaper with agate print in green tones!

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Earth tones

The perfect wall to combine with colors such as mustard yellow or gold.

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A jewel

You don't like the color pink? Well, this wallpaper with motifs of bluish quartz will give your living room the point chic what were you looking for ...

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A magazine bedroom

If you have a minimalist style bedroom in discreet tones, a wallpaper like this can help you give it character.

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And another in turquoise blue

But if you prefer something less intense, choose this one in turquoise blue. It will remind you of the sea!

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And if you definitely spend so much realism, this wallpaper will be great in any room in the house. Discreet and beautiful!

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The perfect option if you want to have a sophisticated lounge with a baroque point ... Long live the gold!

Pinterest: Aránzazu Díaz Huerta

Black and white

Elegant and shocking! Use it to decorate the hall and add some golden detail. Très chic!

Pinterest: Aránzazu Díaz Huerta