Ideas to better organize the laundry room and iron

Ideas to better organize the laundry room and iron

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Do you like having everything super tidy? Well, this proposal is yours.

Inside a closet

A bottom cabinet enough to install inside the washing machine, cleaning supplies, laundry baskets and even a small clothesline. A great solution to do laundry comfortably and to hide the space by simply closing it. It is really fantastic!

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A separate laundry room

Turning a terrace or a service room into a washing and ironing area can be easy and affordable. The first step is to cover the walls with a decorative wallpaper, and that is vinyl, washable and moisture resistant. Clothes hangers and wicker baskets will be the perfect auxiliary accessories.

Well ventilated clothes

Baskets and bag from Parlane.

When choosing containers for dirty clothes or those waiting to be ironed, it is better to bet on braided vegetable fibers or breathable bags; for example, of cotton. The objective is that the inside of the basket or bag is always ventilated to avoid moisture in the garments.

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For the tricky


If you have notions of sewing and a scrap of fabric that you like, an idea is to make a bag for clothes with a sliding closure tape. It will help you keep your washing area in perfect order.

What a great idea!

Tired of your tablecloths always being wrinkled? This simple solution will help you get them ready for the best gala dinner. Install some fixed bars inside the closet and you will see how comfortable.

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