Cactus: the least thirsty.

Cactus: the least thirsty.

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Light. They need a lot of light, so the ideal place is in front of the window. In summer they will appreciate you taking them out to the balcony or to the terrace.
Temperature. They withstand very high and very low temperatures, since they come from the desert where at night temperatures are reached below zero.
Irrigation. In winter it will be enough to water it every two months and during the summer when you see the dry substrate. It is important that there is good drainage, since the excess moisture rot the plant. If you doubt if you need water, do not water it.
Fertilizer. We will fertilize the cactus once a month from early spring to autumn. To do this, use special fertilizers for this type of plant, dissolved in the water to irrigate.

2 Tricks

In order not to prick yourself when transplanting the cactus, fold a newspaper sheet, as in the drawing, and take the plant with it.


Advice. Choose small specimens, since they reach maturity before and therefore flowering. In addition, its wide variety of shapes allows you to make beautiful centers, such as the one in the image.

Cacti belong to the succulent plant family, along with succulent plants, but don't confuse them. Cacti are easily recognized by their haloes, small mounds, usually with a fluff on the top, where the skewers come from. Crass plants have no skewers, except for some varieties of Euphorbes candelabra, which have spines that leave directly from the body of the plant and not from an aura. All have a great capacity to store water, so they endure prolonged droughts and very intense heats. The skewers and wooliness that cover these species serve to protect them from heat, since perspiration is limited, and from insects that could drink their water reserves.
What to consider when buying a cactus? You have to look at the lower part of the trunk to verify that it is healthy, with good color, and without insects.
How are the flowers and when do they come out? The flowering season is in spring / summer, it depends on the species. The flowers are spectacular although they have a very short life, they never last more than a week. Some varieties have flowers that last only one night. But, if they have had a very hot winter, they will not bloom.
Do they need a special type of land? Yes, because it should have a lot of sand. You can buy it already prepared or mix 1/3 of blond peat, 1/3 of coarse sand and 1/3 of ground charcoal. It is important that the substrate is well drained.
When should we change the pot? When we see that the roots come out too much, more or less every 2 or 3 years. To do this, remove the plant with gloves and check the roots well, to check that they are healthy. If there is cochineal, carefully remove the soil, introduce the roots into a specific insecticide and, finally, put them in the new substrate. Do not water until one or two days later, doing it little by little.