A very simple cover to renew the sofa

A very simple cover to renew the sofa

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Sofa, € 790, from Trades Yesterday

2 After

Redecorate your sofa and give it a touch of color. Very easy to do and a surprising result. Sofa, € 790, from Trades Yesterday. Orange fabric for cushions, € 32.50 / m, from KA.

3 Materials

Fabric (the one in the photo is the Albox model orange, 65% cotton and 35% viscose, € 34 / m from KA); Velcro tape that sticks; tape to glue the hems; meter; scissors and iron.

4 Step 1

Measure the sofa: on the one hand the arms, wide (in the photo) and long; and on the other the seat cushions, long, wide and high.

5 Step 2

Cut four pieces of fabric, two for the arms and two for the seats (leave an extra 40 cm to tuck the fabric under them).

6 Step 3

Make hems at the ends of each of the pieces of fabric and carefully place, see drawing, tape tape the hems.

7 Step 4

Iron the hems very well so that the tape sticks with the heat of the iron and thus the ends of the fabric are well finished.

8 Step 5

Put the velcro tape over the hems, cut it to size and glue it well. Do the same with all the pieces of cloth.

9 Step 6

Glue the other part of the velcro tape to the area under the seat cushions and hold the covers joining the velcro.

10 Step 7

Place velcro tape on the outside of the arms of the sofa as seen in the image, cut it just to size and glue it well.

11 Step 8

Join the velcro that we just placed with the ends of the arm covers, to finalize the new image of the sofa.