A cozy and sustainable mountain house

A cozy and sustainable mountain house

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Located between mountains and forests, the nature of the environment merges with the interior decoration of this cozy and Unique design house. It is made entirely of wood by the Arquima modular construction company. In the middle of the Ripollés region (Pyrenees of Girona), this holiday home is built with incredible views, accommodated on the slope of the land and built under criteria of passive construction, sustainability, ecology and energy efficiency.

The house has three bedrooms, one of them suite room, two full bathrooms, an area that share the dining room, kitchen and living room with mountain views and an attached porch where you can spend long hours contemplating the unique landscape.

As for the decoration, a very careful rustic style has been chosen and neutral tones predominate, which are mixed with wooden beams on the ceiling and maritime pine plywood without knots. On the ground, concrete.

Its large windows, facing south, integrate the landscape inside and create a pleasant feeling of connection with nature and tranquility.

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With exceptional views, perfect to enjoy as soon as the sun rises.

View from the top of the house

View of the living room and dining room from the loft. The windows are protagonists of the decoration.

The living room, overlooking the outside

In the living room we have opted for an L-shaped sofa that looks out the window.

Lounge and porch

The living room looks outside through a large window that also communicates with the porch.

With wood stove

The high level of insulation of the house makes the only heating system a wood stove, a very common fuel in the area. This one presides over the room, conceived as a meeting space where to share good moments.

View from being towards the kitchen and the attic

The day area is solved in an open and open space that is organized into three areas: kitchen, dining room and living room level. On the kitchen, the loft.

Communicated kitchen and dining room

The dining room and kitchen are perfectly integrated. The dining room is decorated in wood.

The whole house is made of wood, built by Arquima, the star material both outside and inside.

The kitchen in a single front

The kitchen is solved in a single open front towards the day area. The furniture in white and wood is integrated into the set.

A loft as a relaxation and reading area

A loft above the kitchen area houses a rest and reading area that, without breaking eye contact with the exterior landscape.

Elongated plan

Here you can see the loft space with the exposed wooden beams of the ceiling.

The facade of the house

Wooden facade Douglas treated in a gray autoclave, it gives the house an aged touch, which will remain over time without major variations.

Adapted to the land and environment

View of the construction, integrated into the landscape and accommodated to the uneven terrain.

The sheet metal cover, with slight slope for the snowy seasons, breaks with the traditional slate of the area, giving it a touch of distinction and originality.

The main room

Wood and views are again protagonists in the bedrooms.

With integrated bathroom

Wood as the main cladding of walls and ceilings in the bedrooms, offers warmth, balance and harmony to the rooms.


In this space neutrality in decoration is also maintained.

With window

A mini window offers ventilation to the bathroom.

Secondary bedroom

Simple and very neutral.