13 tips to decorate mini rooms full of current ideas

13 tips to decorate mini rooms full of current ideas

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If you have a small room and want to modernize it, look at these examples. They optimize their meters and follow the most modern trends.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 White: never goes out of style

Especially if you combine it with wooden furniture or natural fibers, which provide that warm and cozy touch that alone does not have. Here we opted for a fiber sofa with chaise-longue and upholstered cushions, all in white, a matching rug with a nice leather trim and two coffee tables lined with straight and very simple lines. Complete the area, a rattan armchair

2 Chocolate Finishes

They are worn, above all, in the upholstery of the chairs, leather or leatherette, and the finish of the coffee table and dining room. To give them clarity, combine them with roasted textiles and touches in vibrant tones: pistachio green, strawberries ... Place a mirror in front of the window and you will multiply the feeling of light.Play with textiles

- The prints are losing strength in favor of plain fabrics, especially in raw and white tones.

- Only valid in details such as cushions and carpets; flowers abound and geometric stripes and shapes such as circles, squares ...

- The large curtains give way to simple curtains, without folds, hence the success of blinds and panels.

3 Leave open spaces, loft type

Eliminate separations that are not strictly necessary and separate the environments with screens, screens, sliding doors ... you will create a greater sense of space. Here the bedroom became independent from the living room with a half-height partition that does not interrupt the visual depth and a blindness to gain privacy.

4 Straight and simple lines are imposed

The arms of the sofas and armchairs leave the curvatures; the chairs have no artifice in their structure but are reduced to the minimum expression ... The furniture intends to occupy the minimum visual and physical space, thus the room seems larger.

5 Put two twin tables

Instead of just one; you will achieve much more versatile and functional spaces, because they can be relocated and adapted more easily. Play with them and have fun!

6 Multifunction furniture

A classic that consolidates itself as the ideal solution in mini spaces or if versatility is needed.

This living room was furnished with a sofa bed and 2 mini-trunks (for the bedding…)

7 Put a corner sofa and win more seats

It is a successful solution to make a space that is rarely used as a corner profitable. To be up to date, that is modular and incorporates chaise-longue. And if there is not enough space for her, an armchair free of straight and simple lines can be the ideal complement. Decorated boxes are very useful to keep small objects out of sight.

8 Light furniture

In the window, a roller blind will allow you to attach the sofa, a bookcase ... For TV you don't need a specific piece of furniture, just a low bookcase.

The sinuous shapes of these shelves, without back and without some sides, make them look much lighter.

9 Sloping sloping roofs?

As they cannot be ignored, turn them into a decorative element by covering them with wooden slats; in white you will get away visually.

10 And the coatings?

- Laminates, vinyl and ceramics that imitate wood or marble succeed when it comes to covering the floors for their price and functionality.

- The wallpapers are back. But the whole room is not papered but only a wall or even part of it, as if shaping a painting.

- Ceramics leave the kitchen and bathrooms and are also installed in the living rooms. The most in: geometric patterns.

- You don't want reforms or big expenses? Turn to vinyl, your walls will look like others!

11 Let there be light!

Try that the natural luminosity reaches all possible spaces in your home. As in this example, where the bedroom communicates with the living room. Light will flow more easily through the rooms and will optically enlarge the space.

In the living area, a bookcase and several shelves is the most in to replace the heavy and traditional mural.

12 Combine various materials

Undoubtedly, glass, metal and methacrylate are the essentials to achieve a current environment. In addition, they are perfect in mini spaces because of their lightness. Add details on paper - the hanging lamps are a trend - and colored textiles (carpets, cushions ...) and success will be assured.The Japanese panels sift the light and since they have no folds they do not weigh.

13 Roughly returns the rustic Hearst

Shutters, wooden lintels and work structures like this corner sofa.

Add a fiber rug and a waxed bedside table and you will feel at your grandmother's house. To update it, place a colorful upholstery.


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