15 rooms in which you want to live

15 rooms in which you want to live

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If you have doubts when decorating your living room, check out this selection of rooms that we liked for your proposals. There are 15 rooms that are well distributed, with fair and necessary furniture, and decorated with ideal colors and details ... Which is your favorite?

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 To relax on the couch

The sofa is the undisputed protagonist of any living room. If you are going to use it to lie down comfortably, choose it carefully.

The chaise longues allow you to stretch your legs with pleasure.

Everything from Ikea.

2 Removable sofa

So you never get tired of him.

A new cover and the living room will look like another.

A curious data: Bemz is a brand of textile covers for Ikea sofas with divine fabrics. Check their website.

3 Warm and casual Dienke Dekker / WAAN

Carpets always work well in a living area.

The functionality and warmth of this room is achieved by furniture, simple and straight lines, the sofa in the same low back style and warm textiles such as carpet and floor cushion in the corner.

4 If yours is natural

This is your living room.

Natural but current, in neutral tones such as white and stone. Hints of plants and some wood. Everything from La Redoute Home.

5 Oh la la, Parisian style lounge

In contrast of colors but with a Parisian air of the most arty Accessories, from La Redoute Home.

6 Looking at the street Courtesy of Bruguer

Instead of orienting the sofa towards the TV, most often, you can think about placing facing sofas or looking at a window when the views allow. The TV can wait on a piece of furniture with wheels or opt for a projector that is picked up on the ceiling.

Photo by Bruguer

7 English tradition

With English air, this room puts emphasis on tissues. It's your style? Everything from Demarques.es

8 Cosmopolitan

For the combination of dark tones and the mixture of wood with textiles and leather. A wall in this bluish gray is also masculine and very elegant. Everything from Ikea.

9 In wood Courtesy of Caselio

Table and sofa with wooden structure.

Neutral tones and green touches. This room sports an exotic rustic with a very natural ethnic air.

10 Practical and youth Courtesy of Leroy Merlin

This living room has a sofa bed, poufs as auxiliary seats and a very fresh and youthful style.

11 Auxiliary seats, great allies Courtesy of Bruguer

In addition to the sofa, complete the living area with an auxiliary seat such as an armchair or a pouf. Photo by Bruguer

12 A classic style lounge Courtesy of Caselio

But renovated.

A decorative resource: place a false chimney mouth in the living room. The warmth effect is immediate. You can always place inside, if it has some background, books or candles.

13 The importance of the sofa

Especially as large as the family or meetings in the living room.

This MB Home sofa has a module separated by an armrest, L-seats and a support surface with lamp at the end. The combination of a neutral base with color notes is fresh and youthful.

14 Youth

Ideal for an apartment.

Proposal of La Redoute home.

15 Many cushions, fluffy rest

Textiles of the signature Romo.