The Flintstones House

The Flintstones House

If Pedro and Vilma were looking for a house in San Francisco Bay ...

This small stone house went on sale in Hillsborough last fall and has not yet been sold. The one known as Flintstones House was released in September 2015 for 4.2 million dollars. The price was reduced in February to 3.78 million dollars and is now falling again, the last sale price of the property is 3.2 million dollars.

It is perched on a hill overlooking Interstate 280, the amorphous house that looks as if it was made of giant marshmallows is a landmark in the Bay Area that draws attention to all children, according to information from SFGate.

With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the house of more than 250 square meters was last sold in September 1996 for $ 800,000, according to Zillow.

The house was designed by architect William Nicholson and built in 1976 to experience new materials and construction techniques. Nicholson's team pulverized concrete over wire mesh frames and giant inflated balloons to create the bubble shapes. The house fell into disuse in the 1980s and underwent remodeling in the 2000s.

Via: Country Living US