Ideas for an outdoor party

Ideas for an outdoor party

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Lisa Linder

The increasingly long days, the sun and the immense desire to celebrate the good news invite you to organize outdoor parties.

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If your house has a porch, congratulations! You have a shaded area to prepare a table, and a wall and a ceiling in which to hang charming details. Whatever the reason for the celebration, it is essential to take care of the staging. The decoration, utensils, seats and lighting are those key points that will turn any bland porch into a magical corner. If you wonder how to decorate it or which pieces are the most suitable for furnishing it, we help you in the selection and give you some ideas to put into practice. First of all, the fact of not having an outdoor dining room is no problem. Take out an easy to move table and some chairs inside and fixed! Use a tableware in cool tones. The melamine ones are usually very cheerful and do not break. You can also introduce pieces of dishes that you already have, such as sources or bowls for snacks. To create a magical atmosphere, place light curtains that blend with the wind. Add some fun garlands of cloth or leds that indicate where the party is celebrated. As it is possible for the meeting to last late at night, choose charming lanterns, ideal for creating a special atmosphere, and use mosquito candles. There are soil models, but also to hang on tree branches or on the porch structure.

Lunch at the countryside Helen Norman

Practical sense: if you do not have the possibility of moving large furniture, investigate the snacks that are nearby. So you only have to worry about the details with charm, the utensils and the food. And as a country party is not such if it has no lights, take your led garlands and ride your own party. You will appreciate it at sunset.

Realization: Heather Chadduck Hillegas

On the table, labels Helen Norman

Make a difference: instead of the classic cloth or paper napkins, how about opting for colorful tea towels, folded vertically? Place them with one end under the plate and let them fall gracefully beyond the tablecloth. So that there is no mistake about where each guest should sit, make labels on cards and write on them the name of each guest with lettering techniques. Place them on the plates and prevent them from flying with a boulder or knotting them to a bouquet of wild flowers.

Realization: Heather Chadduck Hillegas

Pecking Brian Woodcock

At the table: decide on an informal menu, based on mini snacks, that are caught with your fingers and do not need a solemn presentation. The ideal? A snack based on salted shots, boats with quinoa salad, dips with guacamole, tartar on toasts, hamburgers ...

Realization: Erin Merhar

The perfect menu Emma Lee

Prepare your picnic bag with savory cakes, quiches, pates, cheeses and fruit. Put the delicious end point with a sweet dessert, like a summer cake with fresh berries and edible flowers. To drink, go ahead to make sangria and punch. It includes zinc cubes, country style, to fill them with ice and keep the drink cool ... with style.

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Practical in any circumstance

Hampton braided rattan trunk, from Maisons du Monde (€ 150).

Flower pot Country Living

To remember: how about preparing a gift for your guests to take home? It can be a detail craft made by you, like a mask; a decorative piece, for example, a little pot where you have previously put the cutlery, or some nice instant photos that you will have taken during the party and that will remind you how well you had that day!


The natural finish ... Affari metal candle holder (€ 21.25).

Boho chic style

Lantern made of recycled wood and rope, from the firm Muy Mucho (€ 11.99).

paper flowers

A fun touch of distinction. Poppy paper flowers, at (€ 8.50 each).


Present your cakes as they deserve. Melamine support with transparent bell, from Rice (€ 44.90).

Point out and define the party area

Vintage garland made with paper triangles, by Blaubloom (€ 9).

Stamped glass

With a fan print. Glass of melamine, from Rice (€ 5.90).

It is portable and battery operated

Mullbacka table lamp, from Ikea (€ 39.99).

Season's fruit Lisa Linder

Enjoy with the organization: prepare invitations with handmade details and send them by mail to your guests. They will be surprised! Find out if any of them have a food allergy, especially if they are small, and be sure to prepare a menu with options for everyone. Get rich seasonal fruit for diners healthy, and delight the sweet tooth with a homemade cake.

Realization: Laura Vine.


Metal chair

Accompany it with a cushion to make it more comfortable. Batignolles metal chair, by Maisons du Monde (€ 49.99).


Fill your table with vegetables! Tablecloth vichy, of cotton, of Zara Home, in 120 x 160 cm (€ 35.99).

Cotton road

Take a dose of joy to the table. Cotton path Limona model, in 45 x 140 cm, from Greengate (€ 15.90).

Flat plate

White crockery, with vegetable print. Paradise flat plate, by Maisons du Monde (€ 13.98 / 2).


Choose them of different size and color. Paper Pompoms, from Blaubloom (€ 15/3 pcs.).

Wooden boards Country Living

Touching wood: join the trend of presenting food on wooden boards. If you opt for a casual buffet, place stools and chairs near the table, because as the party progresses, they may prefer to sit down. For the drink, choose glass jugs and glasses that capture sunlight in all its splendor. And do not forget to get a regiment of mosquito candles, to avoid inopportune pecks.

Folding chair

For when you need some more seats ... Garden folding chair, Lola Home (€ 48.90).

Vintage design

Vintage design with cross back. Birch chair with rattan seat, from Lola Home (€ 120).

Are we inside or outside? David Tsay

Moving interior furniture to exterior is a practical solution. If you place the dining table next to a running bench, it will serve as a multiple seat in case there are no chairs for everyone. Get a garland of cloth or paper pennants, and secure it with pushpins to the porch or pergola structure. Decorate the table with flowers and plants to intensify the touch green.


Cutting board

Present the dips in a fun way. Acacia, hedgehog-shaped chopping block from Bloomingville (€ 12.50).

Cups with lid

Choose glasses with lid, insect proof. Mason glass jar, with straw, Very Very (from € 1.50).

Chic napkins Brian Woodcock

Unique details: linen table runners, glass bottles in different colors converted into vases or bandanas transformed into napkins, will personalize your table and fill it with charm. If you want to surprise your guests, turn to original napkin rings, like these pom poms. To make the table harmonious, use the same colors of the utensils and tie them with wool to tone.

Realization: Erin Merhar.


Glass of crital

Your carved drawing will surprise. Glass glass Barroque, 300 ml, Very Very (€ 0.99).