An old pension converted into a family flat

An old pension converted into a family flat

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The owners of this center of Madrid housing they acquired it once reformed by the architecture studio of Rocío Monasterio. What It used to be a pension with eleven tiny rooms, now it is a family apartment with functional spaces. With the change of the distribution and of the coverings, the house gained luminosity and real and visual amplitude; partitions were eliminated to reduce the number of bedrooms to three and the kitchen was expanded by incorporating a hallway.

Although the transformation can be considered total, it is also true that The house keeps its essence intact. The shutters were maintained, and the original wooden pillars were exposed. Elements that, along with the new polished cement floor, are the hallmarks of the house. The interior design carefully, with Nordic style furniture, some pieces vintage and sober upholstery, It is enriched and gains warmth with spectacular wool carpets and generous proportions. They are designs that make the environments unique, and that also share space without contradiction with large white bookstores at a minimum price, which treasure the family library in the living room and office.

Separate chapter deserves the kitchen. Located in the center of the house, it has the charm of a family space, very cozy. It maintains white and gray tones, although it changes paint for a striped wallpaper. Its functional white furniture in the work area is combined with a cupboard that, for its simplicity, seems rescued from a country house: in six holes the dishes are organized and in two shelves with hooks, the boats and the breakfast cups. Finally, at the opposite end of the kitchen, in the quietest area, the master bedroom was located, with a built-in bathroom and a sober decoration, in which a surprise detail bursts out: a cowhide rug.

Advertising - Keep reading below Very personal room

In the living area, the retro designs, the contrast of textures and a maxi carpet with multiple geometric patterns stand out. FLAT>

A living room with vintage furniture

Sofa, by Becara, with cushions, by Maison de Vacances. Carpet, from The Rug Company, in BSB. FLAT>

Dining room in harmony with the living room

The Nordic design becomes a link between the dining room and the living area, two rooms delimited with carpets. In the living area, Danish coffee table, from Ágora. White vases, from Ikea. On the left, the painting on the floor is by Lucia Corsini. FLAT>

Office with modern pieces

It seems a reflection of the dining room, but it is a space independent of the living room. Maintains bookshelf, carpet and white chairs; Change the table and add a chair made of light wood and enea. Mix of pieces of modern style and different designs. Chairs: wooden, by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner, acquired in Ágora, and white, by Vitra. Auxiliary chest of drawers, for sale in Vinçon. FLAT>

An office integrated to the lounge

This room environment becomes a focal point with the glass wall that visually communicates the room with the office. Ahead, a delicate composition of pieces on a table with marquetry makes this area even more special and sophisticated. Folding game table, from Lafault. The Christmas tree was acquired in New York and the head in Greece. FLAT>

A cosmopolitan dining room

An industrial aesthetic table is combined with mythical chairs of the Nordic and international design to create a cosmopolitan dining room, which gains warmth with the bookcase and the wool carpet. Dining table, by Becara. Plastic and padded chairs, 1950s design, by Charles and Ray Eames for Vitra. Shelving, by Ikea. Dragonfly rug, from The Rug Company, in BSB.

Kitchen with office

The dining room was decorated with pieces of diverse origin, a mix that gives a familiar and cozy atmosphere to the environment. Highlights the pantry designed by the owner: below, wooden cubes topped with a zinc countertop, and above, shelves secured with squares. FLAT>

In the kitchen charming furniture

Gray table and chairs, from Casa. The white chairs, found in a container, were recovered and painted. Crockery hand-painted crockery by Teresa San Miguel. FLAT>

Romantic details in the kitchen

Breakfast bowls and cups print a genuine retro air to this corner of the kitchen. The pieces gain prominence for their variety of color and print. On the left, a vertical system for hanging photos with tweezers that the family uses for recipes. Tray of three heights, of House. Lack shelves, reinforced with brackets to support the weight of the utensils, of Ikea. FLAT>

Master bedroom with romantic notes

The fusion of styles makes the bedroom a unique and very personal environment. The headboard and bedside tables, without losing an iota of sobriety, share a stage with a cowhide rug. Headboard, from KA International, with capitoné. About him, oil painting by Lucia Corsini. Cushions, by Maison de Vacances. Carpet, acquired in the KP outlet. FLAT>

United bedroom and bathroom

The bedroom communicates with a bathroom through a large opening and a sliding door, which makes the circulation more fluid. They are two spaces with visual continuity for the cement pavement that they both share and the color of the tiling in bluish gray, similar to the headboard and oil. Art deco bedside table of French origin, made of Macasar ebony wood, with intermediate drawer, acquired in Modern Times. Castile headboard, from KA International with Reims upholstery in stone, cotton and viscose. Wall light adjustable by Ikea. In the bathroom, on the counter, mirror jewelers, for sale in Moss. FLAT>

Functional bathroom

To optimize the rectangular floor plan of the bathroom, it was decided to distribute the toilets online and separate the sink from the toilet-bidet using a wall and a glass. The bottom was reserved to install a spacious shower, with sprinkler and wooden floor. Tiled, from Peña Tiles. Taps and towel rail, Coysa. Washbasin and carpet towel in lilac, from El Corte Inglés. FLAT>


Living room and office are two independent spaces, each with an entrance, but connected with a large opening. The surprise is a second vain with glass sheet that establishes a visual connection between them. An excellent idea to participate in family life even if you are in another room.
The original wooden pillars of the house discovered during the renovation were exposed. Together with the shutters they reaffirm the hearth of the house, but also, forming a pair with the polished cement pavement, they give the environments authenticity.


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