People are going crazy with this Greek sauce with feta cheese

People are going crazy with this Greek sauce with feta cheese

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This is not the typical snack with cheese. There are no large amounts of melted cheese, nor are there crunchy pieces of bacon. The Greek Feta Dip It is a delicious and fresh snack quite lighter than most of the most typical. But there is an important similarity. It's damn delicious.

Ethan Calabrese

When my co-worker Lindsay told us the recipe, we loved it. "This is the best dip of all time, "most cheered. Naturally, we made a video for (millions of people) to see. The world needs to know this recipe.

Ethan Calabrese

You just need a bowl, beat (a lot) the crumbled feta cheese, Greek yogurt, cream cheese and olive oil together. Once you get a spongy texture, add some fresh dill, sprinkle with dried red pepper and complete the dish with cherry tomatoes and chopped cucumbers. And if you serve it with pita chips, the applause will soon arrive.

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Via: Delish US


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