12 tracks to live better

12 tracks to live better

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Surround yourself with plants, dedicate time to your hobbies Or organizing meetings with friends are some simple tips that will make you feel good at home.

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Do you love plants but you don't have a hand with them? Would you like to know which species are better indoors and which outdoors? Galician interior designer and decorator Tristán Domecq suggests decorating the interiors with ficus and palm trees and for the terrace, opt for orange, lemon, jasmine and boxwoods. In addition to plants, Tristán advises to always have seasonal flowers so that the house smells good.

Bet on hyacinths, camellias and tulips for winter and daffodils for summer. "Plants are capable of transforming a house into a home," he says. In their projects they are essential, as are natural materials (wood, iron or stone) and the original pieces with aesthetic value (beams and columns), as the image shows.

Eat Healthy

With the presence of heat, meals become lighter and the body asks us, above all, for liquid at any time. Take the opportunity to include more vegetables and fruits in the daily diet. In short, to eat better. Not only will it affect your health, but you will make your children incorporate these foods gradually and naturally.

The children act by imitation and, if they get used to seeing the fruit bowl full of varied pieces and include them in breakfast, dessert or snack, they will possibly do the same. If now, who enjoy your vacation, spend most of the day in the pool, suggest, between dip and dip, a snack based on apples, peaches or fresh slices of melon or watermelon.

In this way they will be hydrated and you will get them gradually to eat healthy products and banish processed and sugary foods, whose abuse does them no good. This summer you can make a family ranking to see who is the one who eats more fruit and whoever wins will have a guaranteed prize!


Take time

If you enjoy lying in the shade reading the last best-seller, painting landscapes in the middle of the field or embroidering what will be your next work of art, do not hesitate and enjoy yourself! Intensive work days and holidays just around the corner allow for leisure hours to give free rein to our favorite hobbies.

In addition to spending more family time, summer also serves to devote time to ourselves. Stay with your friends, take advantage of that hour in the spa to give yourself a relaxing massage or, if you prefer, practice nesting (staying at home) and do nothing.
The dolce far niente It is the new trend!

Metal pots

If you want to learn to take your life easy, Roser de Tienda, a chiropractic doctor, vital coach and author of the book "Make your life easy", proposes some guidelines to lift the foot of the accelerator (roserdetienda.es).

Start up the new projects that are around your head, abandon the obligations for commitment and get carried away by what you really want to do.

Make small changes at home that make you feel in a different space: a new piece of furniture, a beautiful plant or changing elements will help you see life with other eyes and at another speed!

Metal pots in various sizes (from € 28.50 / 1) and lavender and eucalyptus sticks (from € 9.50 / 1); Everything from Parlane.


Every day a party. There are always reasons to celebrate and thank! And run away from the complaint: you will gain health.

White crockery

The good weather encourages us to get together with family or friends and enjoy long outdoor tables. To make the meetings perfect, take your time organizing them. The goal is to present the table fresh, cheerful and casual. Replace the traditional tablecloth or path with individual natural fiber, choose a white crockery with wavy shapes and napkins in mint tones.

And, above all, take care of the small details: for example, deposit on each plate a bouquet of wild flowers tied with a string that gives it a personal touch. At a well set table, everything tastes much better?

Tropical environment

Set up a paradise at home and bring it to the table with flowers, pineapples, raffia and bamboo to create a tropical environment. Aloha!

Crystal glasses

The graduation of your children, the discharge in the hospital of a relative, a promotion at work, the wedding of your best friend ... There is always an event to celebrate, big or small.

Be grateful to life and enjoy the little things that happen in your next circle, in the here and now. You cannot change the past, and the future is unpredictable, so live the present! Think of all the good things that have happened to you this year (or those that remain to come).

Take out that set of drinks that you have to release, gather the family and prepare that wonderful cocktail that your favorite barman has taught you. Chin Chin! Crystal glasses Ophelia, from Parlane, for cava and cocktail (from € 19.90).


Of carrots, to get a radiant skin; celery, to facilitate digestion; of pineapple and parsley, to eliminate toxins, or watermelon, to relieve muscle fatigue ... Vegetable and fruit juices are rich, nutritious and super healthy. On the web drink6.es you have a lot of recipes for smoothies and juice detox to make with Thermomix. And if you don't have the famous robot, don't worry

The XD Design firm has just launched its Blender & Jug, which includes two jars with a lid and straws. Enter the ingredients you want in the glass, place the lid with the propeller and place it face down in the blender. In seconds you can taste your combo and drink it directly from the glass. In www.masd2.com (49,95 €).

Scented candles

That of the fig tree of the country house, the orange blossom of the summer nights, the freshly cut grass ... There are fragrances that make you feel good immediately, because they will bring you back to pleasant moments of your life.

So that your mood is always top, take them to your house in the form of mikados or candles. The freshness of citrus, the innocence of the flowers, the strength of the woods ... Each of them will cause you different sensations.

Jars of aromatic candles with the smell of lemon, coconut or palm, for sale in Primark (€ 1 each).


Handmade garlands

Work, home, children ... sometimes they beat you. Start by lightening tensions and cultivating good humor from the early hours of the morning.

Share your mood with your family and friends, and show them how important they are in your life by organizing plans and meetings inside and outside the home. What if you start with the kids? A surprise party with your friends will love it.

Garlands handmade and retro-inspired containers will be the perfect excuse to prepare them a sweet party full-fledged, based on cupcakes, milkshakes and ice cream cones.


Run with the pet

Ride a bike, dance or go jogging with your pet, so you get in shape while enjoying the company of your most faithful friend.



100% vegan or vegetable cuisine is all the rage, but all that glitters is not gold. Marie Laforêt, the French author referring to this gastro trend, proposes in this book 500 delicious and, above all, healthy recipes. And for pizza lovers, Jordi Devesa offers alternative recipes to transform it into a healthy and light food. Healthy vegan, by Marie Laforêt (€ 29.95) and Veggie Pizzas, by Jordi Devesa (€ 9.95); of Beta Editorial.