Tips to freeze (good) food

Tips to freeze (good) food

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Angelica Heras

Freezing allows us to store food for another period
long, better organize our time, save money and join the "zero waste" movement. For optimal conservation, consider these aspects.

Precautions Check that your freezer reaches -18º C. Store the products as quickly as possible, so that the entire cold chain is not broken.
Put them in tightly sealed containers and extract as much air as possible by compressing the container and vacuuming with a straw, to avoid rusting.
freeze products such as whole eggs, stewed or cooked potatoes, fried, recipes with cream, mayonnaise or emulsified sauces, cucumber,
lettuce and many other vegetables if not bleached before in boiling water.


Food should always be well packaged, to avoid abrasion by freezing. Store in airtight containers or freezer bags in individual portions and in the format in which you are going to consume it, without filling them completely.

Label each container with its contents and freezing date.


To freeze it, you have to clean it and remove viscera and eyes. Some seafood, such as crabs, crabs or shrimp, has to be cooked first.


Before storing the meat in the freezer, cut it in portions, to get a more homogeneous frozen. Remove the outer fat as they get dirty and break down faster than the rest of the meat. Store it tightly covered in the first freezer drawer.


The fruit you are going to freeze must be fresh and at its best ripening moment. To freeze faster and then you can handle it better, wash it well, peel it and cut it into small pieces. Fruits such as apple or quince, cook them to avoid rusting.


Meat or fish should be done little by little in the fridge. Seafood, vegetables and vegetables can be poured into boiling water directly.

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