These rooms are happier than the rainbow!

These rooms are happier than the rainbow!

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In the variety is the taste, and when it comes to mixing colors, also the joy! Why there is nothing like a vibrant tone room to fill you with energy and good vibes. And if you don't believe it, check out our proposal ...

Advertising - Keep reading below A little bit of mustard

The mustard-colored sofa looks great with the diamond carpet, don't you think?

Pinterest: Eva Rosilio


If we are sure of something, it is that there is no happier room than this on the entire face of the earth!

Pinterest: Colors in my House

The more, the better

That is the norm that you should apply to the cushions on the sofa. And of course, make them multicolored!

Pinterest: Engaged Decoration


The combination itself is beautiful, but the scale-printed cushion ... Pure love!

Pinterest: Jesi Meschbein


If you don't get energized just by looking at this room, it's probably because you're ... a vampire!

Pinterest: Glitter Guide


Navajo prints with color contrasts are perfect to add personality and much joy to the room.

Pinterest: The Hamby Home


In a colorful style lounge gipsy they could not miss ... Juju Hats!

Pinterest: Joyce


With paint brushstrokes everywhere, the ideal room for an artist!

Pinterest: Engaged Decoration


A mixture of styles and colors of the most original, do not you think?

Pinterest: Trendecor

Long live Mexico

The Mexican decoration is very rich in colors, so if you want to try a different and very cheerful style, wear a mariachi!

Pinterest: Julie Aix


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