10 mobile apps for a healthy life ... at the touch of the screen!

10 mobile apps for a healthy life ... at the touch of the screen!

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With the rush we carry every day, it is normal for us to forget things as basic and necessary as eating well or playing sports, but ... why do we want technology if it is not to make our lives easier? With these applications you can carefree knowing that on your phone you have everything you need to adopt the healthiest customs. Let's meet them!

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Sleepbot It is an application of the most complete that will help you to know how your dream works: the hours you need to get an optimal rest, if you talk while you sleep…

Download it here.

Eat healthy

And have fun while cooking! Yummly is a app of recipes that will conquer you as soon as you see its design ... But in addition, you can choose specific ingredients, and you will have access to a selection of personalized recipes according to your tastes!

Download it here.

Count calories

If you want to lose weight easily and safely, MyFitnessPal It will help you count the calories of everything you eat, including a daily diet and free exercises.

Download it here.

To train!

Workout Trainer It is what has been a virtual personal trainer. With this app You can choose your exercise routines, and even create them!

Download it here.

Seven minutes

No more no less. Seven is a app to get in shape with seven minutes a day. Do you have a chair and a wall at hand? Well, you can start ... And watch out for injuries!

Download it here.

Count your steps

If you have trouble practicing sports and need an extra dose of motivation, download Graze. It is a pedometer that measures your daily steps, so you can know how many calories you burn on the way to work or to the super ... Everything counts!

Download it here.

The app for runners

If yours is him running, with Runtastic you will plan your routes, and you will also see the distance traveled or calories burned at all times.

Download it here.

Practice yoga

The time has come to relax! With approximately 280 positions, Yoga Studio is the app Ideal for you, since you can choose difficulty level, duration time and type of exercises. Oh, and they also have a special section for pregnant women!

Download it here.

Control your mobile addiction

A app to control mobile addiction ... What irony, huh? Well, it exists and it's called Forest. How does it work? Very simple, you will have a virtual tree that will only grow if you endure half an hour in a row without looking at your mobile, even until you get your own forest! Forgetting Instagram never had such a fun reward ...

Download it here.

Say goodbye to your ex

Once and for all! Remember that you can only remake your life when you close the previous stages ... But if it costs you too much, KillSwitch will delete for you any information that connects you on Facebook without you having to delete it.

Download it here.


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