Cleaning tricks to have the house gleaming

Cleaning tricks to have the house gleaming

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If the pipes in your sink or sink are slower than usual, pour two tablespoons of baking soda, add a glass of vinegar and let it act. After about 15 minutes, pour very hot water, and voila! You can also try boiling a liter of salt water and pouring into the drain by batches and gradually. Perfect!

2 oil stains on clothes

If it is not very large, remove what you can with a cloth, cover it with salt or talcum powder and press with a spoon to absorb. Leave on for about 2 minutes and put on laundry detergent and water and rub until it lather. With a brush, scrub and wash in the washing machine as usual. Use dishwashing soap if you stain when frying.

3 Wash the curtains

Check the label to see if you can put them in the washing machine. With those of cotton, polyester, nylon or a mixture of these you will not have problems. Use programs for delicate garments, with cold water (between 30 and 45º C). Those of 100% cotton or linen, better to wash them by hand in the bath leaving them to soak several hours changing the water and soap several times. Those of special fabrics such as velvet, silk or satin, you will have no choice but to take them to the dry cleaners.
Without wrinkles. When you take them out of the washing machine, hang them directly on the bar, the weight itself will make them stretch well. If you wash them by hand, let them drain outdoors and, when they no longer drip, hang them. Iron with steam.
Always white. If you don't want them to lose their original whiteness, add two tablespoons of sugar in the last rinse. Impeccable!
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4 Like new

Do you want your wool sweater to be like the first day? Always wash by hand, with warm water and neutral soaps. When drying, do not twist or drain and spread horizontally.Avoid tweezers, hangers and the sun. When ironing, do not fix the iron and use a lot of steam. To remove the balls, pass a pumice stone in the direction of the fibers.

5 Brilliant!

Remove rust stains from copper pots or pans by applying on the kepchup piece or tomato sauce. Rub gently and rinse with warm water. You can also remove stains from the saucepan by putting it on the fire with water, a cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of salt. Clean and dry.

6 Burned Bread

Coarse salt will help you remove charred bread pieces from the toaster. Insert it through the slot, place a greaseproof paper and secure it with adhesive tape. Turn it over and the salt will help drag the burned pieces that will fall on the paper. It is important to remove all salt, because if it is not done, it can oxidize the interior. To thoroughly clean the interior, remove crumbs from the tray and wash with soap and water. For the narrowest areas, help yourself with a toothbrush; dry everything well.