6 aromas that calm anxiety

6 aromas that calm anxiety

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Unfortunately, stress has become the most popular disease of our era. Meditation, the connection with nature and a good quality of sleep are remedies that help reduce it ... But they are not the only ones! Did you know that smells are also excellent painkillers?

As perfumer Ben Janousek explained to Mail Online, through aromatology you can see how odors affect the brain, and there are certain fragrances that help calm specific stress situations.

"Aromatology is the study of the influence of odors on human behavior," he says. "Using associative memory we can connect certain fragrances with different emotions."

"For example, if you felt relaxed during the holidays, you should look for the essences that remind you of those wonderful days and take them to your home. That way, you will experience calm again."

Find your fragrance among Ben's 6 choices to cope with stress!


This smell is unconsciously connected with holidays and relaxation, so it is perfect to say goodbye to worries.


Ideal for calming an argument, ylang ylang is known for its relaxing properties. "The essential oil of flowers treats palpitations, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure," says Ben.


This pleasant fragrance can help you reduce emotional stress and calm your nerves. The essential oil also serves to minimize tension, depression and headaches. In addition, lavender is perfect for falling asleep, so put it in your bedroom without hesitation!


Citrus essences work wonders when it comes to calming work stress, as they encourage concentration and have calming properties.


Many people love the smell of freshly cut grass because it reminds them of happy summer days. Therefore, these types of fragrances are perfect to get a positive mint.


Rosemary has a lot of properties, among them, it improves memory and reduces mental and physical fatigue. Wrap your home in this essence and enjoy a stress-free life!

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