21 ideas to decorate your house at Christmas

21 ideas to decorate your house at Christmas

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Take good note of these ideas to add that last Christmas touch to your home. The holidays are falling and we want all of you to live a unique Christmas.

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Dress your vases with these warm liners made with sweaters.

The tutorial in Thrifty and Chic.
Photo courtesy of Thrifty and Chic

The forest at home

This set of birch logs, berries and pine branches will look perfect in your lobby. If you want an extra shine add some lights.

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Lights with jars 'Mason Jar'

Make your porch or terrace shine more than ever with these lights created with Mason Jar jars, white lights and a loop of arpillería to hold everything.

The tutorial in All Things Heart and Home.
Photo courtesy of All Things Heart and Home

Vintage fruit boxes

Have your crockery and cutlery prepared in the dining room showing them in these boxes of fruit. Rustic but with an elegant touch.

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Photo courtesy of Shabby Fu Fu Blog

Snow and natural lighting

Pineapples, candles, a glass jar and snow paint, all together to create these festive DIY lamps.

The tutorial in Crafts by Amanda.
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Birch candles

Do you want to fill an empty space in style? Create these birch candles and place them at the entrance or the fireplace.

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Home shine

Decorate your fireplace with this canvas for a more "bright" home.

The tutorial in Love Grows Wild.
Photo courtesy of Love Grows Wild

DIY hair lettering

This beautiful decoration can be done in less than 10 minutes thanks to some synthetic hair, cardboard letters, scissors and glue.

The tutorial in Place of My Taste.
Photo courtesy of Place of My Taste

DIY fir cushion

This cushion of toasted tones is very easy to make and will make your living room an even more cozy space.

The tutorial in On Sutton Place.
Photo courtesy of On Sutton Place

Crochet star

Make this beautiful Christmas crochet ornament for your tree. It will give a warm and cozy touch.

The tutorial in Persia Lou.
Photo courtesy of Persia Lou.

DIY mirror with message

This original mirror with DIY message will only cost you € 10.

The tutorial in Landeelu.
Courtesy of Landeelu

Luminous and snowy poster

With the help of bright lights, it is very easy to recreate this snowy sign.

The tutorial in Fresh Crush.
Photo courtesy of Fresh Crush

Vases with pine branches

Wrap your house with a very Christmas aroma, fresh pine leaves. Place them in glass vases and put them by the window to evoke the forest itself.

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DIY snowflakes

All you need is some sticks (ice cream for example) and spray paint. Remember: no snowflake is the same.

The tutorial in Making Home Base.
Photo courtesy of Making Home Base

Winter decoration

Mix some glass balls with natural elements - think of pineapples, acorns and leaves - to achieve a rustic but contemporary style. Adding something as simple as tea bags or candles will crown this winter decoration.

The tutorial in Urban Comfort.
Photo courtesy of Urban Comfort


Mix pine, wood and pineapple leaves with subtle lights to decorate the exterior.

The tutorial in Julie Blanner.
Photo courtesy of Julie Blanner

Cascading lights

Use these original lights of Terrain to decorate your plants, both indoor and outdoor.

($ 31.95 at
Terrain Photo

Winter white wreath

This winter wreath, accompanied by a small dove, is perfect for hanging on the door or on top of the entrance furniture.

The tutorial in Thistlewood Farms.
Photo courtesy of Thistle Wood Farms

A very natural lamp

Turn your pantry jars into beautiful lamps. Add some pineapples, some snow (fake) and some pine leaves.

The tutorial in Nelly Vintage Home.
Photo courtesy of Nelly Vintage Home

Box with logs and pine leaves

Decorate your fireplace by filling a box with logs, pine leaves and a few pineapples.

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Photo courtesy of Blue Roof Cabin

'Let it snow' table

Receive your guests with this message or another that you like more. You only need a board and white paint, add some snowflakes to finish off.

The tutorial in Live Laugh Rowe.
Photo courtesy of Live Laugh Rowe

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