A house with natural charm

A house with natural charm

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Harmony and tranquility breathe in this house, decorated by the brothers Jaume and Paco Cortés, from the Mestre Paco studio. Situated in Pollença, Mallorca, the white walls, clear upholsteries and steamy curtains They live in harmony with an exquisite selection of furniture. Some of them old, although restored by the study acquired a more current air; others are soft contour designs, created with noble materials, especially in wood. The magnificent natural light and a decoration based on simplicity became unconditional allies of the house to give life and freshness to each environment. In the living room - a balanced space without excesses - each piece of furniture has a visual interest in itself. Its finishes and textures evoke a past that, now interpreted in the current key by Mestre Paco, distills freshness and naturalness. For the master bedroom, the Cortes brothers devised a romantic and cozy setting, where time seems to have stopped.

A canopy bed and two bedside tables, and some white falls, unpolluted, they recreated the essence of a traditional bedroom, although its ultra-clean and refined designs provided a sophisticated and modern air. Such a decoration seduces the moment. The restored furniture goes through an update that revalued them, and those designed by the studio are unique author pieces with a special charm.

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A pickled wood cupboard delimits this environment and visually separates it from the living area. The furniture, with clean and refined lines, is complemented by lighting that does not recharge the space and two mirrors, which enhance clarity. Aged cupboard, table and benches, olive wood and iron, by Mestre Paco. Gordiola's crystal lamps were hung on ropes.

Living room

It is a very Mediterranean and fresh atmosphere, decorated with blue brushstrokes. The whitewashed walls and the terracotta floor harmonize with other textures: aged chestnut wood on the coffee table, the linen in the three-color curtains and the typical Mallorcan, handmade fabrics, of the many cushions that, with their chromatic variety, animate This corner Delhom sofa with chaise-longue. Cushions, from the Galeries Vicens textile workshop. Mesa, by Mestre Paco, in chestnut wood and stainless steel. Candlesticks, by Mis En Demeure. Visillos, from C&C Milano. Picture painted by Toni Dionis.


With direct access to the outside and abundant natural light, it has three areas: warehouse, work and dining room. A cupboard with two lattice doors keeps the utensils tidy and serves as a pantry. Next, separated by a pillar, the work area was placed, and in front of it, the dining room was created by extending the worktop of an extra area of ​​low cabinets. The countertop is made of Majorcan stone and its curved finish makes this passage area safer.

Kitchen furniture and coverings

The kitchen was made with painted wood furniture, alternating doors with moldings with other latticework. True to the traditional rustic style, the knobs are round and the coverings are natural. The countertop was made with Mallorcan stone and the floor is terracotta tiles. Only the wall front most exposed to splashes was tiled, the rest was painted white. Painted wood kitchen, made by Estils i Formes.

Main bedroom

A canopy bed is the absolute protagonist of the decoration. Made of elm wood, it brings warmth to the bedroom, and with its ultra-clean design overflows modernity. Simple white falls, hung with thin strips give a more romantic air to the bed. Canopy bed and bedside tables, designed by the Mestre Paco studio. Curtains hung with strips, from the firm Yute's.

Elm wood in the bedroom

To decorate the bedroom, Jaume and Paco Cortés, of Mestre Paco, designed furniture in elm wood. The natural grain draws sinuous shapes that add a lot of charm to the headboard. A rectilinear bedside table and a wrought iron lamp, very stylized and inspired by a candlestick, complete this simple and stylish corner. To dress the bed, white, immaculate clothes were chosen, such as the walls, although a beige cushion and bedspread gently introduced some touches of color. In the background, desk with braided cord chair, by Mestre Paco.


Detail of the bed, dressed in white, except a cushion with blue circle and a quilt, by Mestre Paco.

Youth bedroom

The decorators recreated the Mallorcan style in this environment. With the typical fabrics of the islands -lengües- in reddish tone, the headboards were upholstered and the bedspreads were made. Two table lamps on a shared bedside table and a pair of rustic chairs, form a symmetrical composition that transmits order and calm. Headboards and bedspreads, made with llengües from the Galeries Vicens workshop.

Star piece: Showcase

It is an old piece of furniture, which was very damaged; but Mestre Paco's team renewed it with an off-white pickling and painted its back with two-tone stripes. Now occupies a prominent place in the dining room.