Keys to choose the best awning for your home

Keys to choose the best awning for your home

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To whom good awning is brought closer ...
In addition to being clear about the location, it is important to calculate your measurements well, to ensure that the awning has a good shade suited to our needs. For this, the line (the width parallel to the wall) and the projection (the deployment of the open awning) must be taken into account.

Curtain type, for balconies.
It is a system of folding arms placed in the drop tube and fixed to the railing. It has two positions: vertical, which provides protection against rain, and projected, facilitates outdoor vision.

And in the small windows?
The most suitable awning is the canopy. Semi-curved or square, you have to choose between two types: fixed and mobile, with the possibility of being collected since they are made up of several hoops.

Articulated arms
It is best suited for large windows and exits to terraces or gardens. These are rolling and extensible awnings, which reach up to an inclination of 90º and cover up to 4 m2. In addition his arms fold under the canvas and barely take up space.

With chest: what a great treasure!
It is the type that offers more self-protection because, when closed, the awning collects on itself preventing moisture and dust from damaging the mechanism.

Acrylic or pvc canvas?
When choosing the fabric we must take into account: the weather, the transmission of light and the protection against solar radiation that we want. Acrylics have special resistance to fading and PVC are very waterproof and tear resistant.

The latest: synthetic with SPF
If you are looking for maximum protection against sunlight, choose a fabric that combines fiberglass or polyester with PVC. Look in

Color matters a lot!
Although we think that dark colors always absorb more light and, therefore, retain more heat than light ones, as for canvases, one of good grammage and dark tones is referred to, it will cast more shade and isolate us better from the sun.

Watch out! don't forget about ...
Installing a canopy affects the facade of the house, so before choosing the measures, model and color it is necessary to have the authorization of the community of neighbors.

And if you want to win in comfort
Instead of the crank, install a motor with a switch or remote control. You can also automate it with a timer or with a sensor so that it opens when there is sun and is collected with rain or wind.

Maintenance and cleaning
◗ Watch out for the weather conditions! If the awning does not have an automatic collection system, you should close it whenever possible in case of rain, strong wind, snow or stony, to avoid damage to the fabric or structure.
◗ Always pick it up dry. It is very important that if it is wet you dry it well in the sun before folding it, since if it keeps moisture it will lead to the formation of spots or mold.
◗ Do not use chemicals and abrasives. Determine the waterproofing treatment of the fabric. Use only a soft-bristle brush or cloth with neutral soap.