The best houses with garden

The best houses with garden

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In good weather you want to open the doors of our houses and go out to the garden or to the terrace. Of course you feel like it! You have no garden? It is not a problem, you can always spend a few days in a dream house that offers a bit of nature. We have selected the accommodations with more nature and we show them so you only have to let your imagination fly. Which one do you look at?

Advertising - Keep reading below 1. Like a star in Cannes

In the south of France, just 20 minutes drive from Cannes, this charming house offers visitors stunning views of the landscape and two large terraces. What a pool! Inside, wooden beams and simple decoration.

Learn more about this whim here.

Like a star in Cannes

Near the pool.

2. Andalusian farmhouse in Granada

A traditional Andalusian house. It is a 19th-century farmhouse, located in Vega de Granada, just 3 kilometers from the city.

Highlights its central courtyard with stone columns. It also has a tower with a loft and an outdoor pool. Around, lush vegetation with centennial lime trees, palm trees, oriental planes and cypresses.

Travel from here.

Andalusian farmhouse in Granada

Another outdoor corner of the farmhouse.

3. A villa near the Caminito del Rey in Malaga

For adventure lovers, the village of Malaga called El Chorro offers one of the most dangerous and impressive crossings: El Caminito del Rey, a step that gets its name thanks to the visit of King Alfonso XIII. Enjoy the route and then rest in this villa with porch and terrace. The views and tranquility of the Sierra Huma are the perfect enclave for your stay.

Here you have the information and photos of the interior.

4. A tribute to Florence

Florence means in Latin beautiful as a flower. And this Italian villa has an elegant garden. Its terrace has stunning panoramic views of the city. The aroma of cypresses and olive trees is breathed in the middle of Italian Tuscany. A paradise that you can see here.

5. Beach in Germany

Westerland is a coastal town located in northern Germany and characterized by its glamorous beach, attractive to many tourists. It is known as the German Beverly Hills. So stay in a house with a garden. Inside, lots of light and rustic furniture of great quality. Come to this house here.

Beach in Germany

The garden.