A mansion inspired by Star Trek

A mansion inspired by Star Trek

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Mark Bell, investor and producer of musicals, has created in his home in Boca Raton, Florida, the paradise of every good Trekkie. In one of the wings of his house (a mansion located on a plot of 1850 square meters with tropical plants, with nine bedrooms and ten bathrooms) he has gathered all products about Star Trek that he has gathered throughout his life. In the bar, we can find a life-size statue of Borg. The movie theater is inspired by the bridge of the Enterprise ship. In the living room, several furniture of retrofuturist aesthetics take us to the mythical universe of the science fiction saga.

The rest of the house has a more classic aesthetic. It has a chef's kitchen, a cellar, a hall with a winding white marble staircase and a basketball court. If reading this (and touring the property in the photo gallery that precedes these lines), you have fallen in love, we inform you that it is for sale. It can be yours for 30 million dollars.

Photos: Andy Frame Photography

Advertising - Keep reading below Paradise Trekkie

In Boca Raton, we found the mansion of a Stark Trek fan.

Pure facade

behind this facade of classic cut, it hides two very different worlds.


On the one hand, the house is quite classic.


At the entrance we receive a winding white marble staircase.

Comfort zone

View of the main hall.


The high ceilings, arched windows and classic furniture give theatricality to the space.


The classic pieces have been combined with Pop Art.

To the table

The formal dining room, with classic chairs upholstered in a vibrant red.


totally equiped.

Top chef

View of the kitchen. In the background the dining room and the living room.

Disney factory

The living room of the kitchen. As art highlights works with Mickey Mouse as the main theme.

Bar Loves

Another living area of ​​the mansion, with bar.

Special effects

In the Star Trek-inspired wing, bar counter with a life-size statue of Borg.

Command booth

The movie theater, inspired by the Enterprise ship.


The video game room, set as Call-of-Duty.

From another world

One of the rooms, with retrofuturist furniture.

Recreational games

It shows that the owner is a fan of classic recreational games.

Game room Pinball

Classic pinball machines in front of a curved glass.

Child's bedroom

Inspired by pirate tales.


View of the gym

Outside life

Sofa area outside the house.

Under roof

View of the huge porch with several seating areas.

Eat out

The dining room outside.

A dip

The pool, at the back of the plot.


In the garden we can find tropical species.

On sale

The house can be bought for 30 million dollars.

Small (big) paradise

The plot measures almost 2,000 square meters.

The basketball court