A shelter house in the north

A shelter house in the north

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From the street, the abundant dose of charm that surrounds this northern little house is palpable, designed for the family vacations of its owners. The unexpected inheritance of a distant relative put into their hands this beautiful, 100% rural house, and with many possibilities, although in a sadly ruinous state. In a first valuation of the property the decision was to plan a serious reform to adapt it to the needs of its new owners.

After the works dazzles the know-how of the owners and their good taste, which resulted in bright interiors, despite having almost no windows, and a succession of shared environments divided into three heights. The original building, with the traditional wooden facade of balcony above and porch belowIt was an excellent starting point for the new construction, which now it has a closed front, painted in white and equipped with large windows that illuminate the entire interior. The new useful space of the house is divided into three floors; the one below destined to the living, dining and kitchen area located in the same open environment.

On this same floor, next to the kitchen, a door gives way to a bedroom with integrated bathroom. The first floor was reserved to install the master bedroom, which draws attention in particular for its cozy character. The bathroom, located inside the room is separated only by half-height walls, thus allowing the passage of natural light. This floor also has a large distributor from which the staircase leading to a small attic, where a third bedroom with two beds was installed.

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Already from the street the abundant dose of charm that surrounds this northern cottage is palpable, conceived for the family vacations of its owners

Extra warm interiors

The climate, almost always fresh, of this area encouraged the owners to choose accessories of comfortable fabrics, either wool or long hair, that would make the atmosphere more cozy. Sofa, by Gastón and Daniela. Cushions, from Maison de Vacances, Jardin D'Ulysse and blanket from Zara Home. Coffee table, by Lou & Hernández. Wooden stool with three legs, from La Europea.

Living area with fireplace

In the reform the heating system was renewed but the chimney was maintained, to maintain the charm of sitting around a good fire in the winter afternoons. Armchairs made of vegetable fiber, from Almazen. Cushions, by Maison de Vacances. Floor and table lamps, by Ideas Luz. Leather rug by Ikea. Accessories, by Lou & Hernández.

A peculiar dining room

Leaving the free passage to the kitchen was essential; Therefore, the dining room was located under the stairs, attached to the wall. The result is fantastic thanks to the originality of its furniture finished in wood and celadon green. White candlesticks, from Point à la Ligne. Gray and pink bowls, cups and shawl, from Zara Home. Cushion in fuchsia and gray, by Maison de Vacances.

Living room, dining room and kitchen share space

The key to making the most of the meters was to do without partitions in the common areas; They are the furniture itself that define the function of each environment. Thus, the living area, dining room and kitchen share space; All in perfect tune. The dresser, located between the living room and dining room, is from El Siglo.

The kitchen is a very functional space

The absence of tall furniture in the kitchen helped to integrate it much better. Only an open grid shelf decorates one of the walls. Bosch, Balay and Mepamsa appliances. Picture by Carlos Arriaga. Accessories, by Lou & Hernández and tea towels, by Zara Home.

Furniture like before

In the same line as the rest of the house, the kitchen was chosen with a marked rustic air. It is made to measure and with furniture, finished in green and white and with the wooden countertop and tiles imitating the models of the last century. Kitchen accessories, for sale at Lou & Hernández.

The distributor provides warehouse spaces

Chest of drawers in the distributor of El Siglo. Under the stairs, basket of Los Peñotes and shawl, from Zara Home. Next to the closet, table and mirror, El Siglo. In the bathroom towel rack deer, Zara Home and towels, Texture.

Charming master bedroom

The white, cream and toasted tones predominate as a base in the master bedroom and help create a peaceful atmosphere with successful brushstrokes of dark red color. Red carpet, by Gancedo. Quilt and quadrants, Texture. Wool blankets and cushions, from Jardin D'Ulysse. Mesilla, from El Siglo; on her painting by Verónica Vijande. Lamp, of Ideas Luz.

Old furniture recovered

The recovery of some old furniture and the choice of new ones with the same appearance favors the absolute integration of all the pieces giving rise to harmonic and well-balanced environments.

Dormer bedroom

This small space, open to the distributor of the first floor, became a cozy double bedroom, chaired by two very striking antique headboards. Bedside tables, from El Siglo. Flexo, of Ideas Luz. Picture by Carlos Arriaga. Bedding, Texture. Blanket of Eights, from Jardin D'Ulysse.

Very bright bathroom

Wood is the absolute protagonist in the bathroom; solid and natural but always finished in white.


Materials play a fundamental role in enhancing clarity. From the floor, of dyed pineapple, to the ceiling beams or the walls, covered with tiles in the kitchen and paint in the rest, they were coated in white. The reflective tone of light par excellence.
The replacement of a wall of the house with a window became the main source of light for the entire interior of the house. The key to achieving this was the distribution of environments without partitions and the choice of furniture with a light design and white finish.