A summer residence to enjoy with the family

A summer residence to enjoy with the family

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Ana Garcia

Holidays are always the most anticipated time of the year, so it is logical that if we are going to buy a house to enjoy the summer seasonLet's take every step with great care and care. And that is exactly what happened with this Seventies house located on the beachfront of the Murcian coast.

The interior designer, Ana García, worked hand in hand with the owner to create a dream place to relax with the family, and the results could not be more spectacular ...

The kitchen, located in the original area, opens to the living room and dining room, and has an elegant countertop that matches the white brick wall. Ana Garcia The dining room table extends up to 3 meters, as the goal was to accommodate up to 15 people. Around it, the white brick wall adds personality and warmth to the environment. Ana Garcia The wall that supports the television includes a very light suspended furniture so as not to recharge the area, since it is an area of ​​passage to the terrace. Ana Garcia When designing the living room for a family of six, the sofa should be wide enough. Ana Garcia The natural fiber carpet adds warmth to the space and contrasts beautifully with the white lacquered metal coffee table. Ana Garcia The terrace has a large sofa made of wicker, ideal to enhance the feeling of fresh air outdoors. Ana Garcia The table with glass surface, matches the sofa. Ana Garcia The wallpaper with palm leaf drawings of the hall gives it a tropical look reminiscent of the Mediterranean airs of the house. Ana Garcia The glazed wall separates the hall from the living room simply and elegantly. Ana Garcia Being a house located by the sea, the master bedroom was decorated in blue tones. Ana Garcia The bedside tables are a simple white model in DM without a handle, since the protagonists are Miriam Cambronero's paintings, located on a shelf on the headboard of the bed. Ana Garcia The half-painted wall emphasizes the main area of ​​the girls' bedroom, decorated with neutral tones and touches of mustard color. Ana Garcia The bedroom of the little house has a trundle bed and a wallpaper with geometric patterns in pastel blue colors. Ana Garcia One of the bathrooms in the house, decorated with white zigzag tiles and flowers that soften the sink. Ana Garcia The mixture of shapes of the tiles is ideal to separate the environments in a subtle way. Ana Garcia