A Madrid attic for a creative soul

A Madrid attic for a creative soul

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Ricardo Aranda

When the architecture studio Martín Peláez first visited this penthouse with terrace of the Madrid neighborhood of Tetuán, they found an excessively compartmentalized house, divided into three heights.

The house, with an area of ​​55 m2 and 14 m2 of terrace, had nine independent rooms, so the approach of the reform focused on conceive a single continuous space, keeping the bathroom as the only enclosure, since the owner was looking for a diaphanous design.

Ricardo Aranda

To be art collector, the space itself became a kind of museum under the simplicity of a minimalist style architecture.

Ricardo Aranda Ricardo Aranda Ricardo Aranda

To make the most of every corner, the architects they removed the last floor of the original loft, maintained two levels of height, and dispensed with most of the partitions. The bathroom was the only space they built closed.

Ricardo Aranda Ricardo Aranda

On the other hand, they kept the original windows as well as the radiators and the original air conditioning devices, which were strategically relocated to prevent them from visually disturbing.

Ricardo Aranda

The kitchen, dining room, living room, office and terrace are located on the first floor, while the bedroom, dressing room and bathroom are located on the second level.

Ricardo Aranda Ricardo Aranda Ricardo Aranda

And you, would you live in your own museum?



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