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If you want to make the most of your exterior, it is important to have shadow areas. Pergolas, awnings, umbrellas or tents will allow you to protect yourself from the sun and be more comfortable on the terrace. Another option, although more expensive, is to make a porch, you will avoid the sun's rays, the night humidity and you can use it for almost the whole year. If it is an area with a lot of air, you can close a part with sliding windows or doors, or put roller blinds.

Styling: Olga Naiman. Gridley and Graves

Orientation matters. If your terrace is oriented to the south, the incidence of the sun will be maximum, which will require the installation of awnings to achieve a dense and uniform shade. If it is to the west or east, the sun will be punctual, it will be worth it with light systems such as candles or umbrellas, and if it is to the north, it will be cooler.


Before choosing the furniture and deciding the distribution of environments, think about the use you want to give to your terrace or garden: solarium to disconnect while you tan; dining room for long dinners with friends; outdoor lounge to read your favorite novel ... If you already have it clear, look for the furniture that best suits, looking for models that help take advantage of the space, such as extending tables, folding chairs or hanging pots.

Styling: Liz Strong. David Stay

Warm lighting. Prepare the lights for your quiet and relaxing evenings. Hide lights between plants or flowers and squeeze the full potential of the garlands when surrounding railings or carrying them through all outdoor areas. Combine with lanterns, candles and other decorative objects and you will create the ideal area to disconnect and relax.


To be comfortable, you need comfortable furniture, but also that it is durable. Being outside, it will be affected by weather conditions. The wooden ones, although they are very beautiful, require almost constant maintenance, to avoid fading by the sun cracking waves due to temperature changes. Those of natural fiber are more resistant, but also require care. The hardest: plastics, synthetic fibers and steel.

QWhat are the plants missing? In addition to decorating, flowers affect the state of people, transmitting tranquility and positivism. If your exterior receives the light directly, put continuous flowering plants such as geraniums or petunias. If you have space, create your urban garden, it will help you disconnect from the daily routine. From Cult Furniture.


Provencal, rustic, minimal, oriental ... which one fits you the most? Whichever style you choose, it is important to maintain the aesthetic unity between the interior and exterior of the house. If you decide on a bohemian air, like this one from Rice, bet on the mixes of textures and patterns and a chill out area. If you prefer to give it a rustic touch, put wood, stones, brown and ocher. For those of modern tastes, soft materials and furniture with uniform and linear designs.

Textiles and accessories. Choose fabrics and decorative elements specially designed for the outside. Decorate with colorful carpets, fluffy cushions, cheerful mattresses and elegant tablecloths. All of them should be pleasant to the touch, remember that in summer you are very barefoot, and that your aesthetics and composition invite you to rest.