A 55 m² apartment Super advantage!

A 55 m² apartment Super advantage!

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Located in one of the trendy neighborhoods in Barcelona, Poble Nou, is this 55 m2 exterior apartment which had already been conditioned in its day in terms of plumbing and electricity. Just missing its long setting, that is, to furnish and decorate it to leave its interior bigger, bright and very careful. Its owner gave a white letter to Interior design studio Nice Home Barcelona to develop the project with the condition of "taking full advantage of the few meters available." Dara Díaz - head of the study - got down to work. The first difficulties arose from the difficult distribution of the apartment, in the form of an L, which further complicated the presence of each room. It was decided to divide the apartment into two zones: one public, at the entrance, and another private, at the bottom.

In the first one it was decided to gather in a same space kitchen, dining room and lounge; yes, respecting the limits of each one. The coverings played a fundamental role here, and it is that different materials in ceilings and floors separate the environments. Thus, the kitchen and the office have an original wooden roof and hydraulic floor, while in the living room a concrete ceiling and wooden pavement were arranged.

The only bedroom and the bathroom with shower were located in the private area. These two spaces are isolated or communicated with the social area thanks to a sliding door that will remain open or closed, according to needs. Once the rooms were distributed, it was the turn to choose the furniture, which was clear from the beginning. Dara opted for a simple and functional equipment, only what is absolutely necessary, and pieces that provide lightness to achieve a homeless housing were successfully searched. Perhaps the only design concession we see in the dining room, with a round table and Eames chairs, which give it a Nordic air.

The tones were chosen neutral in both areas, so that textiles and accessories put the essential note of color and not fall into the monochrome. For this they opted for green and blue colors, which combine perfectly and convey freshness and serenity. At the end of the decorative process the wishes of the owner were successfully achieved. Now the house seems older and brighter, although it has the same square meters as at first. It is the magic of interior decoration! Sometimes, the impossible is achieved ...

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Advertising - Keep reading below Small welcome ERIC PÁMIES

A tiny hall gives direct access to the social area of ​​the house that is in sight. In the background and hidden are the bedroom and bathroom. To give more amplitude to the lobby, a mirror that visually enlarged the meters was placed in front of the entrance door. It is a rectangular model, from Estudio Nice Home Barcelona.

Light spaces ERIC PÁMIES

The elongated living room opens to the kitchen with an office. The space between the two balconies in the background was used to place an original shelf, as a staircase, and whose measurements fit perfectly in this wall. Its light and open design avoids recharging the area. Malabon bookcase in wood and metal, by Maisons du Monde.

Round dining room

The small square meters of the kitchen prevented making a large dining area. It was resolved with a round table of 100 cm in diameter that does not obstruct the passage and where 4 people can eat at ease. The chairs in gray harmonize with the geometric design of the floor. White Suck table and Eames chairs by Vackart.

Well hidden
In the common space they installed paneled cabinets in column that hide the main appliances (boiler, washing machine, microwave and refrigerator). The white tone allows to capture natural light and integrate the kitchen furniture into the living room.

Designs that unite ERIC PÁMIES

Although the living room and kitchen share the same space, it was played with materials that connect or not both rooms. On the one hand, the black coffee table winks at the kitchen floor. While, on the other, it is this hydraulic pavement that makes the difference with the wood in the room. Metal table, from Nice Home Barcelona Studio. Braided rug Bastide, by Maisons du Monde.

Total white
The kitchen, distributed in the form of L, has in the cooking and water area with upper cabinets that, in addition to storage, hide the hood. The white fronts without handles blend with the wall and contrast with the wooden floor and ceiling.

With mobility ERIC PÁMIES

The location of the TV cabinet was a problem, since it had to be placed on the wall next to a sliding door and the screen did not end up facing the sofa. The solution? Choose a piece of furniture with hidden wheels that could be easily moved, according to the needs. Pilea TV cabinet, from Nice Home Barcelona Studio. Ikea wooden message box with positive message

An extra bed ERIC PÁMIES

A sofa bed was placed next to the living room table, in case guests come. On the wall, a mirror XL, as a window, visually expands the space and reflects the light entering the balconies. Two sconces, which also facilitate the direct illumination of this reading area, flank the mirror and achieve a warm atmosphere. Beke Holmsund sofa by Ikea. Camargue patinated wooden mirror, by Maisons du Monde.

Sliding door ERIC PÁMIES

Taking advantage of the living room meters was one of the main slogans. For this, the conventional door that connected the public and private areas was replaced by a sliding design. In addition, it was painted white so that, once closed, it would give a sense of continuity and look like the prolongation of the wall.

Two heights

One of the attractions of the kitchen is its original wood-lined ceiling, which is at a lower height than the rest; It fulfills a practical function, since it conceals the ducts of the air conditioning, and decorative, because between LED and ribbon LED lights were installed.

Concrete roofs ERIC PÁMIES

In this house, the materials used in the roof are striking. If in the kitchen wood dominated, in the living room and the corridor that leads to the bedroom the concrete premium, which gives this area an industrial touch. The warmth of a material -reflected also on the floor of the floor- and the coldness of the other make a perfect balance reign in the house.

Paneled fronts ERIC PÁMIES

The dishwasher was installed next to the sink and, under the hob, the oven, the only appliance in sight. Between the upper cabinets and the ceiling, a free wall strip decongests the area.

Hydraulic floor

We love the geometric design in white, black and gray chosen for the hydraulic tile that, as a carpet, runs through the kitchen and office. For the rest of the house, a light oak flooring was chosen.

Almost bare walls ERIC PÁMIES

The whole house was painted white to make it more spacious and bright. The master bedroom, without a door, is equipped with a double bed and side tables. There are hardly any decorative elements in it, just a mirror resting on the wall. It is the Nissedal model of Ikea.

Linen, velvet and cotton are the different materials chosen in the bedroom textiles. On a neutral basis - the white sheets - mixed green and blue tones, which achieve a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. Cushions and plaid, from Calma House. Bedding, from Ikea.


Corridors are passage areas that are barely used. Here a wall was used to make a generous wardrobe closet. Double body, has a trunk and shoe rack on top. Round jute rug by Leroy Merlin.

Mirrors and paintings ERIC PÁMIES

The proximity of the bathroom and the lack of door in the bedroom make the hall an impromptu dressing room. It highlights the sober decoration to avoid recharging. Only a painting, a metal mirror and a wall lamp dress its walls, which enhances its industrial style. On the floor, some lanterns, from Maisons du Monde.


In small bathrooms such as this, you should opt for light furniture to avoid recharging the environment. Here the space under the counter was used to put a bench where to place the towels and some baskets. The floor was covered with the same model of hydraulic kitchen tile. Molger Bank, of Ikea. Fiber baskets, from Maisons du Monde. Carpet by Leroy Merlin.

Built-in washbasin ERIC PÁMIES

A marble countertop runs along one side of the bathroom. It has integrated a white washbasin, matching the accessories for soap and toothbrushes. On the surface a frameless mirror that reaches the ceiling has been arranged. It reflects the light of the LED spotlights, which increases the illumination of spaces like this, little bright and without ventilation. Ikea bath and white towel set.

Glass screen

A glass enclosure with sliding door frames the shower, with thermostatic faucet and double water outlet system: shower head and shower. The walls were covered with a porcelain tile in a beige tone that, together with the white ceiling and furniture, provides the precise warmth. Between the shower and the countertop of the sink the toilet was installed, with a cistern also in white, and the metal towel rail.

Good atmosphere
Placing a glass vase in a corner of the countertop is a great idea. In addition to its decorative function, it acts as a natural air freshener if you choose, as in this case, some eucalyptus branches, which give off a pleasant smell.

Ideas you can copy: | ERIC PÁMIES

Dynamizes a neutral environment

Using white and beige tones as a decorative base is fine if you want to create calm atmospheres, but you can fall into the chromatic monotony.

Avoid using textiles and decorative accessories with color that brighten the mood, such as these turquoise cushions that were chosen for the sofa.

Create new spaces | ERIC PÁMIES

If your kitchen is small and does not give to organize an office as large as you would like, there is always a second option: a bar anchored in the wall, a folding board under the window, a projection on the countertop or a round table, as in this In this case, it takes better advantage of the space and encourages desktops.

Decorate without reloading | ERIC PÁMIES

Put into practice the maximum decoration of "less is more"; Above all, if your house is small. Dress the walls cautiously, with very well chosen elements, such as those in this apartment, where minimalist paintings in neutral colors and industrial type mirrors were chosen whose main mission is to make visually larger what in principle is not. There is nothing more overwhelming than a recharged house, either because of excess color, furniture or accessories.


Look for balance | ERIC PÁMIES

If you are eclectic @ and you like to mix styles when decorating your home, do it but with a head. It uses warm materials, such as wood or natural fibers, so laureate in the Nordic deco, in the same proportion as cold ones, such as metal, essential to achieve environments factory.

And if you have any piece to which you want to give special prominence, use a direct and warm lighting, such as that achieved on the shelf in the living room with the Redne metal wall light, by Vackart.

Bet on the simple | ERIC PÁMIES

Sometimes the elementary stands out precisely for its discrete character. This is the case of the headboard, made of wood and wicker, the extensible metal sconces or the linen curtains, light and with fall, that decorate this bedroom with style. Simple details that give the space an original touch. Industrial style wall lights Annik, by Vackart. Headboard Tatawi:

Buy it here € 315 from Maisons du Monde.

Take advantage of any corner | ERIC PÁMIES

It gives utility to spaces that in principle lack it: the hall or a corridor, for example, will look like others if you power them with a mirror or a console the first or with some lanterns on the floor or a closet, the second. On this floor the corridor that communicates with the bedroom was used to make a large closet with boot and shoe rack included.