A kitchen with office, central island and ... porch!

A kitchen with office, central island and ... porch!

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Mauricio Fuertes

The kitchen, rectangular, was designed by Josep Cortina with cabinets lined with natural wood that provide warmth to the room. The free space of the central area was used to install an island.



- The kitchen integrated in the dining room gain in breadth and depth. It also allows better interaction with diners while working on the island.

- The luminosity increases in this case by natural route, since this kitchen opens to the porch, which communicates with the garden, and artificially by lamps and the hood with built-in light.

- Furniture gains in personality thanks to the type of wood fronts chosen and the collage ceramic with which the dining table has been decorated.

TPB porcelain countertop. Mauricio Fuertes

Kitchen with multifunction island

With a generous work surface, the island with a plate and sink stands out for its fronts made with pieces of wood cut with ax and stripped. On the cooking zone, a work bell with integrated lighting stands out. Next to the island, is the dining room.

Mauricio Fuertes

Front of stylish cabinets. The dining room wall has been fitted with a custom wall cabinet that includes a steel-coated niche, as a sideboard. On the table, a trio of industrial style lamps. It's about the model Unfold, from Muuto.

Lacquered steel table designed by Josep Cortina. Turquoise cups and glasses, from Cado. Tablecloth and baskets with plants, from Calma House. Mauricio Fuertes

Customized dining table A simple white table has earned points with a delicious black and white ceramic mosaic that decorates the envelope.

Kitchen plan with island and integrated dining room. The study of the architect Josep Cortina was in charge of carrying out this reform with the aim of creating wider and diaphanous spaces to enjoy with the family.


Storage and appliances. L-shaped fronts were designed, ranging from floor to ceiling, with storage cabinets, shelves, sink and space to hide the ovens, the fridge, the washing machine and the dishwasher.

Central Island In addition to offering storage space at the bottom, the surface has a sink, cooking area and a generous work surface.

Dinning room. Next to the island, the industrial-style dining room was set up, consisting of a large table with up to ten people and chairs. Natural light circulates freely thanks to the installation of sliding doors and windows.