How your diet should be to return with energy: The healthiest foods

How your diet should be to return with energy: The healthiest foods

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After a well-deserved vacation, it is time to return to the usual routine and resume a healthy diet. Take advantage of the power of certain foods to increase your vitality, health and mood, and thus face daily reality with strength.

Strengthens the immune system. In addition to being tired of returning to homework, it is a time of temperature changes and the first viruses and colds. Protect yourself by increasing the consumption of broccoli, legumes, carrots, squash, onions or garlic.

Know the nutrients to use them in your favor. If you want to regain strength and positivity, incorporate vegetables, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, dairy, turkey or chicken. For mental balance and concentration, the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids of blue fish and nuts. And vitamin C to combat stress, anxiety and tiredness.

INFO Eliminate added sugars from your diet, decrease vital tone and increase the risk of diabetes and obesity.

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It is time to recover good eating habits and one of the most recommended is to consume legumes twice a week. They provide energy and prevent constipation, thanks to its high fiber content. A good option is to take them in salads, like this one Chickpeas with peppers. Put them the previous night to soak, drain and cook them with water, salt and bay leaf. Cut a red pepper, half an onion, two tomatoes and a cucumber. Put in a bowl chickpeas and vegetables and dress with oil, salt and vinegar. Decorate with laurel.


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Recover habits. After the holidays it is time to return to the fixed meal times, reduce sweets such as ice cream, space the consumption of pastries and soft drinks and avoid the intake of processed food.

Nutritious, healthy, rich and fun. This is how child feeding should be so that they grow up healthy and learn to eat. Start the day with a good breakfast consisting of dairy, cereals and fruit to increase school performance and prevent fatigue. At mid-morning and on the snack offer a piece of fruit, cereals or dairy. It complements lunch and dinner so that they are balanced with legumes, vegetables, meat and fish.

3 K! is what is usually ... fattening on average during the holidays. Return to normal rhythms of food and sleep, to exercise and take off a whim; You will return quickly to your weight.


You have become brunette and do not want to give up your tan so quickly? Include in your diet products rich in beta-carotenes such as carrots, orange, nectarine, spinach or beets. Hydrates the skin so that it looks smoother and healthier by drinking 2 l of water a day.

If you have returned with a kilo of more, do not rush with the diets. Start by resuming your healthy diet and your 5 meals a day.


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There are a number of foods that stimulate the production of serotonin and endorphins, which are related to mood. If you want to relieve tensions and ward off bad mood, include dairy, chocolate, spinach, fish, oatmeal, nuts, strawberries, pineapple and cherries in your diet.