A current flat of 40m²

A current flat of 40m²

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A neutral background and open spaces that transmitted breadth was the idea of ​​departure in this reform, which carried out the interior designer Paloma Pacheco. The owner of this old house, initially very compartmentalized, put a need on the table: get a current floor in simple and cosmopolitan style, perfect for rent, that suits the needs of any couple just by incorporating some accessories.

The first step was knock down all the partitions, except for the load-bearing wall of the house, which divides it into two rectangles of similar proportions. The first room is shared by the hall, the kitchen, the living room and a work corner. Throughout the house lThe distribution of the spaces is carried out through the cabinets; for example, the store front that completes the kitchen adjoins the bathroom, or the dresser that leads to the master bedroom and, in this one, the dressing room modules organize the environments.

In the central space of the house light flows thanks to the choice of low-rise furniture pieces, which do not hinder its circulation. Tall furniture is attached to the walls so that they merge into vertical planes without saturating or breaking the feeling of spaciousness. Everything fits in this environment where white predominates, mainly on fronts finished in gloss lacquer, which reflect natural light and serve as the basis for the brushstrokes of color, an infallible resource that instills character.

In the private area, the dressing room is organized in two closet fronts, located between the bedroom and the bathroom. This one has great luminosity and is available on a wide surface, which allows an interesting game of reflections through mirror and glass panels. A distributor with the sink gives way to the side of the toilet in a cabin and, on the contrary, to a large open shower.

Advertising - Keep reading below Plant inspiration in the living room

In the living room, colors, shapes and textures have been handled with skill in a fresh and casual combination of acid tones and floral motifs. The round low table is a design by Paloma Pacheco's studio. Fiber pouf, from Ikea. Camana Chartreuse rug, with green hair and 2 m in diameter, by Designers Guild and pink cushion on the pouf; both, in Usera Usera. In front of the radiator, Sigurd Bank of Ikea. Pink screen, by Habitat.

Communicated spaces

Living room, kitchen and a mini dining room, attached to a central island, share the common area that highlights the uniformity of materials and colors. Sofa, by Ikea. Cushions, by Gastón and Daniela: prints with flowers in gold, by Kenzo, and with flowers in pink and rectangular in gold. The pictures on the sofa are photos of Zwischen, in 3D canvas format, made by the company

Furniture to take advantage of the space

Double-sided furniture, blown countertops that turn into dining room bars, extendable tables ... nothing is accidental when it comes to taking advantage of the space. Everything fits.

Joy and color in the decoration

A piece of furniture as a sideboard in wood and lacquer defines the area of ​​the living room and solves the storage of glassware and utensils. Thanks to the brightness of the house, sifted with screen-type blinds in all environments, the room enjoys a clarity that becomes a decorative element in itself. Vases in blue glass, from Ikea.

Work corner

From Ikea: extendable table for the Bjursta model computer; white glass vase; Enje blinds and round placemats. The Diabolo stool is a design by Philippe Starck for Kartell.

Kitchen oriented to be

Simplicity and design go hand in hand in this environment. Straight lines, pure white and work areas distributed to the millimeter. The worktop of the work module is extended on a flown table that becomes a dining room. High stools and utensils, from Ikea.

Furniture in tune

Everything keeps a rigorous order, despite the mix of pieces, and it is thanks to the simplicity of the basic furniture around which the decorative project revolves. Suspended extractor hood, from Ikea. Balance white stool, for sale in the Usera Usera store.

A very complete kitchen

Sink, hob and table line up in a double-sided base module that has storage space, oriented to the kitchen, and a library open to the hall. In front of the sink a mini glass panel with a decorative vinyl has been installed that prevents the area from being seen from the entrance. Appliances, from Ikea.

Integrated receiver

The decoration of the hall has been solved with a narrow shelf in the wall and several hangers to leave the jackets and bags.

Character bedroom

The vibrant combination of colors on the fabrics brings warmth to the bedroom. In the headboard, a horizontal picture, also with high doses of intensity, opens a colorful opening in the middle of the white wall. Quilt Sablya and, on this one, Olsson Camellia striped cushion, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera. Blank bedding, for sale at Zara Home.

Vitalist bedroom

Simple and efficient: the bedside table is replaced by a side table with another smaller design, which fits underneath, as if it were a nest type composition. From Ikea: white Lack side table and lamps suspended in bronze. The colored pictures on the bedside table and on the headboard wall are designed by Paloma Pacheco's studio.

At the foot of the bed, a dresser Multiplied bathroom

The set of mirrors gives depth to this bathroom and doubles the space. Neutrality prevails in all coatings. The sink rests on a piece of furniture with drawers and a worktop that extends at one end and where hooks have been installed to hang the towels. Furniture, washbasin, taps, towels and suspended lamps, from Ikea. Soap dish, for sale at Zara Home.

Plan and distribution of the house

The key to the reform was to unify
The white on the walls, furniture and textiles enhances the luminosity of this floor while equalizing the environments. The objective? Achieve a timeless atmosphere that suits any style.


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