A house with sea views

A house with sea views

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The blue of the sea and the white of the Mediterranean light are the main protagonists of this spectacular house nestled in the Costa Brava. Who was going to say seeing the images of this report that the house was rescued from a dilapidated state. The architect of this total reform was Lázaro Rosa-Violán, from Contemporain Studio. The interior designer, in a titanic and almost artisanal task, successfully managed to respect the basic structure of the house, spread over two floors and facing the sea. The views from the terrace are a privilege.

That marine air of doors for outside is also maintained in the interior decoration. Proof of this is in the blue and white furniture, on the stripes of the upholstery of the sofas, on the doors with original portholes -that remind us of the windows of the boats- or in the tables scattered throughout the house with maps or navigation charts. An overwhelming coherence that permeates every corner of the house: from the living room and kitchen, on the ground floor, to the bathrooms or bedrooms, located upstairs. To reinforce the navy style, furniture was used that was once part of ships. For example, the sofas in the living room were cabin beds, or the bedside tables in the master bedroom decorated the event hall of an old ocean liner. Alongside these pieces from other stages are vintage designs, like the 19th-century Dutch dresser in the master bedroom, the kitchen cupboard or the floor, of recycled pine from a convent.

This miscellany of styles is due, in large measure, to the adventurous spirit of the interior designer, in his tireless search for old furniture of very diverse origins, and to those who endow them with new uses, such as the auxiliary kitchen cart, which originally belonged To a clinic.

Advertising - Keep reading under Summer dining on the terrace

The privileged situation of the terrace, located on the first floor, allowed to place in it a large summer dining room. And to protect from the sun, a hurdle cover was installed on blue painted beams. White dining table with extendable board (€ 249) and solid wood bench (€ 54.95); similar in Ikea, Norden model.

White framed fireplace

The fireplace presides over the living room, that's why its mouth was painted white, so that it would be perfectly integrated. On it and, to continue with the chromatic binomial, a pair of blue glass vases was placed. Handmade vases of blown glass. Similar to them is the Stockholm model, by Ikea (€ 29.95). On the coffee table, Indian & Pacific candlestick.

A decoration that combines styles

The new and the old combine in perfect harmony in the living area, formed by two sofas that once were cabin beds. In the center, a table with the tray envelope from the Philippines.

Hall in white and blue

The blue striped upholstery fabrics of the sofas are from Pepe Peñalver. The white console is from Contemporain Studio, and the candlestick, from India & Pacific.

Relaxing lounge

Two colors dominate every corner of the house: the luminosity of white and navy blue. The end result is a serene, relaxing environment, as seen in the spacious living room. 19th century navigation charts and map boxes decorate the white console and walls. Indigo sideboard by Otranto. Wooden stools, like these, which can serve as side tables, you will find in India & Pacific (from € 90).

Wooden furniture brings warmth

The freshness of the blues is covered by the range of browns, which brings warmth to the room. Recycled candles -which are best appreciated here-, the stools, the bottom shelf or the coffee table are a good example of this. Not forgetting the imposing presence of the soil recovered from pine wood.

A kitchen with history

An old Empordà farmhouse was the former home of this cupboard, which now stores the dishes. And the side table comes from a clinic. In the sink area the original tiles were respected.

Sink Recovered

Crockery, from the Compagnie Francaise de L'Orient et de la Chine. Sink furniture purchased at a market in Montpellier, in France. The old kitchen comes from Otranto. FLAT

A daily dining room like before

The breadth of the kitchen made possible the location of a dining area next to the entrance door, which gains in brightness. The office, consisting of benches and an elongated table, was painted in white and blue to continue the chromatic binomial. Benches and table from the refectory of an old textile factory in the town of Vic.

A room with a view

The master bedroom, which includes a bathroom, communicates with the terrace that overlooks the sea. Next to the Le Corbusier armchair, there is a French Landes wardrobe, a vintage dresser and the four-poster bed. Original detail the porthole. Dutch dresser from the 19th century.


In the bathroom, toilet of the nineteenth century and black terracotta sink. The faucet comes from Otranto.

A table with tray

The unique design of a coffee table with scissor legs and envelope, made from a tray-strainer from the Philippines. + coffee tables with trays


- The decoration of this house is characterized by the second opportunity that has been granted to certain objects, whose uses had nothing to do with its primitive utility. For example, the candles located next to each of the arms of the sofa, which were originally the tables of the event room of a liner.


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