A sophisticated Easter table inspired by the colors of spring

A sophisticated Easter table inspired by the colors of spring

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For Calder Clark, renowned event organizer in the United States, Easter is an occasion to celebrate the arrival of spring, and there is no limit to inspiration when it comes to decorating for the party.

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Choosing a binary color palette is an infallible trick. Here two cold tones have been chosen: powdered blue and apple green, which in turn have been combined with the warmth of the peach, letting the flowers be the protagonists.

Very nice tags

Cards are not just a formality, they are a way to show your guests that you have thought about them. It is perfectly acceptable to choose, for this occasion, a playful form for the cards (in this case, we have used rabbit-shaped cards and French calligraphy) and to use even your friends' nicknames instead of full names.

Flower centers

Each flower center has been made up of a single species and a single color, creating a visual feeling that is not overloaded As vases, containers of different sizes and heights of the same material have been used (Clark uses glass here) is a way to create a sense of order.

Napkin ring with flowers

The natural flowers in give the Easter table the ideal touch. These napkin rings have a groove for a single stem, ideal for small flowers such as daffodil.

Farewell Details

Small farewell details for your guests are always a surprise when the guests say goodbye. Here some egg cups have served as mini pots to plant fresh chamomile, each with its label and the name of each guest.


In order not to recharge the decoration of the table, a glassware of blown glass has been used, delicate and modern, which reduces the prominence of the flower centers.

The most natural touch

These velvety bunnies bring a very natural touch to the table. Candles bring elegance and a youthful touch. Choose candles with different sizes and a color to match the table.

Easter eggs

Painted eggs with soft pastel colors are the ideal ornament for these dates, as well as a very fun craft to do with children. The trick: to create the stripes, place rubber bands around the huvos and paint on top.

Via: House Beautiful US


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