12 thermal bags (very chic) ​​for the beach

12 thermal bags (very chic) ​​for the beach

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Whether you are on the beach, in the park or organizing a party in your own garden, a fridge is almost always essential. If there is food and drink, sure. But the fridges are quite boring, and often ugly, so if you're looking for something more elegant, you're in luck.

These fridge bags are as elegant and colorful as they are functional, and you will keep your drinks fresh. From the most rigid (and from the mini to large varieties!), To thermal bags that can go on as fashionable bags, here are the most beautiful you have ever seen.

Advertising - Read on below 1 Classic Beach Cooler LifeStory 31,90 € Buy

A beautiful retro design for soft drinks.

2 Thermal bag for beach or picnic Orediy 23,40 € Buy

A nice design of palm trees.

3 Klarstein portable mini fridge Klarstein 59,99 € Buy

A retro design for the beach!

4 Portable chair with thermal bag Legends Lunch Bag 17,90 € Buy

The best 2 in 1 for this summer.

5 Thermal picnic bags Cizen 15,99 € Buy

Cacti do not go out of style.

6 Thermal Bag SomeoLiky_ Thermal bags 1,53 € Buy

A stylish striped bag.

7 Camping Cooler Cotangle 391.33 € Buy

The most Pro!

8 Inflatable fridge Intex 12.95 € Buy

The hours of fun are guaranteed.

9 Thermal bag for bottles Campingaz 12,90 € Buy

The white wine is very fresh.

10 Rigid Refrigerator with Wheels Coleman 99,90 € Buy

So that your back does not suffer.

11 Gorjuss Ruby isothermal bag Gor-juss € 29.90 Buy

The cuckoo!

12 Inflatable Fridge Cisne 2013, S.L. 23.95 € Buy

The most cool!