Turn your car into the influencer of your life (and Instagram)

Turn your car into the influencer of your life (and Instagram)

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If every time you drive around the city, people turn to look at your car thinking they are about to be attacked by an army of cans, yes, it's time to change it. Because let's be honest, a modern and beautiful car will not only make you gain in aesthetics, you will also save on unexpected visits to the workshop, and most importantly: you will improve your quality of life.

Being aware of the wide range of needs of today's society, the Hyundai KONA range is committed to diversity, with models of modern and urban design, 100% electric, diesel or gasoline; SUV body or 4x4 option; and the latest in technology and security systems. Do you feel like checking them out?

Advertising - Keep reading below With complete independence Hyundai

This way you will feel driving the first compact electric SUV in Europe, with a range of up to 449 km in combined use and 619 km in the city, so you can travel free like the wind and without worries.

And when the fun is over, you will have two options: fast charging or normal charging. That you are partying and you have no possibility of leaving the car for several hours? No problem! A fast road charging station will have your car ready again for the job in 54 or 75 minutes (depending on the kW of the station).

Maximum security Hyundai

The regenerative braking system of the new Hyundai KONA electric charges the battery while driving using the electric motor to reduce gear. In this way, you can regenerate the energy and store it in the battery.

In addition, by having an intelligent braking system, the car uses the sensors of the front radar to effectively control the level of regenerative braking based on the front traffic, and slow down the car accordingly.

And the more I accelerate ... Hyundai

7.6 seconds, is what it takes for this sports SUV to go from 0 to 100 km / h. Come on, if Fernando Alonso sees you, he dies of envy!

Pure elegance Hyundai

With such an elegance of LED headlights, you will not be able to endure the desire to go out with your car at sunset to bust your head.

And if the new models of the KONA range are characterized by something, it is for their modern and urban design, with special attention to small details, fully adapted to the asphalt jungle.

Practical information Hyundai

If you already liked it on the outside, its interior will finish conquering you, and the new electric KONA has intelligent technology, responsible for making your driving as safe as possible.

The Head-Up Display touch screen, in addition to having practical vehicle information, integrates 3D navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

On the other hand, its electronic exchange system for buttons marks a before and after in the change of the manual gears to which we were accustomed. The buttons, located in the center console, include neutral, reverse, parking, and electric parking brake.

Diesel or gasoline: you choose Hyundai

In addition to the 100% electric model, the new KONA is also available with a diesel or gasoline engine. Choose the one you choose, its four-wheel drive system on demand will give you all the power in driving, and when curves arrive ... it won't let you down! The same goes for slippery surfaces and uneven roads, apart from the extra safety offered by the vehicle, fun and excitement will be part of the road.

Design your way Hyundai

Another advantage of acquiring a car from the KONA range is that you can customize it to your liking. Two-colored roof, color details inside, alloy wheels in sporty style ... What would your ideal car be like? Think about it, and then believe it.

All luxury of details Hyundai

If you choose the color red to decorate the interior details, the car will be this beautiful and elegant!

Smart life Hyundai

As we have already verified, one of the elements that places more emphasis on the design of the new KONA is safety. Therefore, its SmartSense system has been designed to alert you of any danger that arises on the road, as well as to brake if necessary, and to detect vehicles outside your viewing angle. A marvel!