A bright bathroom in pure white

A bright bathroom in pure white

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Bet on clarity: A white gresite bath
- Thanks to the white furniture and coverings, this small bathroom looks bigger than it is. Hexagonal pieces of glass tile, of Cheops, cover the walls, providing light and spaciousness.
- The bathtub was removed by the window to install a shower, equipped with a plate and a custom screen. The toilet is installed in the space between the shower and the sink area.

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A large mirror on the wall of the sink area visually multiplies the space. Underneath, the furniture with two drawers of white fronts, has high legs, which is very useful when cleaning the floor.To attenuate the coldness of the white, the floor has been covered with a laminate in wood finish, which provides warmth .

2 With washing area

A practical closet behind a door on the opposite wall, in front of the sink, is used to hide the washer, dryer and heater. Perfect!

3 washbasin tap

Single lever mixer, Thesis model, € 225, from Roca.

4 To save

Storage duck, Sprutt model, 32x53, al. 36 cm, € 14.99, from Ikea.

5 towels in green and white

Set of three towels, from € 7.99 to € 22.99, from Zara Home.

6 colored

Add dynamism to the space with colorful accessories. Candle holder, Graphique Vintage, € 2.29 / 4 pcs., In Maisons du Monde.