Cristina's letter: Findings of the month

Cristina's letter: Findings of the month

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Patricia Gallego

The textiles and the wallpapers They will give us many joys this season. Far from the tyranny of the single color or the unique coating, trends give usrich exturas and extravagant prints, ranging from the most radical geometric to organic floral compositions, not forgetting those that are inspired by the patterns that fashion brings us. The hall is the perfect setting to show off these novelties, in which Robbie Antonio, a successful entrepreneur and CEO of Revolution Precrafted, welcomes us, the company from which he has proposed to democratize the world of design and architecture with its prefabricated units with seal From author. Among his collaborators - revolutionaries, as he calls them - there are architects, designers and artists such as Jean Nouvel, Tom Dixon or Lenny Kravitz. And you, dare to dream of the ideal house?

Cristina Sánchez

Chief Editor @crisangar

P.S. We know that you also have much to tell us ... Therefore, we await your queries, advice and opinions in @ .es


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