A brilliant reform and impeccable interior design

A brilliant reform and impeccable interior design

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When is going to perform a Integral reform It is important to know what the needs and priorities of the owners are, and the owner of this house was very clear: he wanted a wide and comfortable common stay. To achieve this, he relied on the interior design studio of María Santos who, together with the architect Cristina Miguelena, designed their new house. To do this, the first thing they did was to rethink the original distribution.

They went from a very compartmentalized apartment, with small rooms, to a large open space which includes living area, dining room and kitchen; two bedrooms and three bathrooms -one for each bedroom and another for guests-. In this new organization, the integration of the two terraces inside the house: one towards the living room, to have more relaxed environments, and another towards the main bedroom, where it was used as a dressing room.

The renovation works were also used to renovate installations and coatings, where a uniformity of materials and finishes was chosen to create a sense of continuity and visual amplitude. The floor was chosen as a platform, and the walls and carpentry were painted in two different shades of gray. In the hall and the living room, we chose to give prominence to the wood, present not only on some fronts, but also on the shelf that separates the dining room from the hallway that leads to the rooms.

This chromatic uniformity furniture and textiles joined. Nordic style pieces were combined with designs of industrial air in the same materials - wood, fiber and iron - and upholstery and fabrics were chosen in neutral tones. On this canvas, accessories were added in cauldron, yellow and black, which add dynamism and give a seductive masculine point to the decoration.


The glazed structures They are the best solution to make two spaces independent without losing light or visual amplitude, besides not limiting the perspective. The options are varied: structures with frames, satin glass, smooth and transparent glass partitions, etc.

The sliding doors They are a perfect resource to separate two environments that connect frequently. In order not to lose useful space, ideally, the sheets are embedded in the partition or in structures that replace the wall.

A peninsula as a breakfast bar, a low wall or paneled furniture Simulating a partition also function as barriers between the kitchen and the living room.

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The wall of the hall was covered with wooden slats, matching the floor. The predominance of this material creates a cozy atmosphere as soon as you enter the house. It becomes, thus, the perfect prelude to a floor that, without walls that make the entrance independent, announces its breadth thanks to a diaphanous distribution and its windows.

Console, from Thai Natura. Above it, circular wall mirror, by Ikea.


A simple piece of furniture will gain presence with well-chosen details. In this case, the hall console was decorated with a colorful vase, a couple of books and a photograph, by Joaquín Crespo Candela.

Contrast notes

In the decoration of the room, it started from a neutral base, with walls and upholsteries in white and gray tones, to which red, yellow and black brush strokes were added through textiles and accessories.

Armchairs, by Deco Vintage. Coffee tables, by Hanbel. Wool rug, from Zara Home. About him
sofa, picture by Eduardo Lalanne.

Linear distribution

The living room was extended by integrating the terrace. After the renovation works, it is a bright and open space, which has a living and dining area. The new kitchen is partially independent through a glass enclosure that allows the passage of natural light.

Corals, shells and conch shells

Corals, shells and seashells are highly appreciated decorative elements, ideal for the center of the table. You will find reproductions, in many cases, hyperbolized, of the originals.

Copper, bronze and brass

Copper, bronze and brass are the fashion metals. Sign up for this trend with timeless design objects, such as the ceiling lamp Cooperby Tom Dixon It will give a special light and a different touch to the decoration.

Terrace in the lounge

Integrating the terrace into the living room will allow you to expand the living area. To create visual continuity, bet on a uniform floor and paint the walls and ceiling in the same finish that you already have in the room. As for the enclosure, the ideal is double glazing.

Fiber chair

If you want to give a modern and chic point to the decoration of your bedroom, replace the traditional barefoot chair with a chair with fiber housing and metal structure. To make it more comfortable, place a fluffy cushion on the seat.

In pairs

The living area was decorated with two identical sofas arranged in an L shape. Being a design with a not very high backrest, one of them was placed under the window. In the center, two twin side tables were placed and, closing the atmosphere, a pair of seats, also the same.

Sofas, from Ikea.

Round table

For the dining room a round table was chosen, which facilitates the passage to the kitchen, and several chairs inspired by the famous Bertoia design, with steel structure and black cushion. The partition that separates this atmosphere from the hall became a bookshop.

Total white

White stars in the decoration of the kitchen, although to break the uniformity and provide dynamism to the environment, a countertop with marked veins was chosen, which extends along the work front.

With quarters

The partition that separated the living room from the room where the kitchen is now replaced by a fixed leaf and a sliding glass door, which is deluded by guides on the ceiling.

Dining room carpet, acquired in Icons Corner.

Uniformity of materials

A bookcase that combines white lacquer and wood in the same finish as the shelf that separates the hallway from the dining room was placed on the living room wall. The latter is a backless design, which does not obstruct the passage of light and allows access to its shelves from the two areas.

Sideboard by Ikea.

Touches of color

The master bedroom, like the common area, was extended by incorporating a terrace. In its decoration, with the mixture of white, black and yellow tones a very masculine urban style was achieved.

Photograph by YellowKorner. Bedside table by Hanbel. Apply Tolomeo, from Artemide. Screen type blinds, from Prosol Estores.

Perfect fusion

In the bathroom decoration highlights the attractive combination of industrial style pieces, such as black metal sconces, with tiles
Vintage hydraulics and the washbasin cabinet of current design, on which two sinks of straight lines are supported.

Photograph by YellowKorner.

Decorative corner

Create a decorative corner with a sculpture lamp, delicate floral arrangements in tall vases and stacked books. Nothing to leave the wall naked! Complete it with an artistic photograph. Lamp, by Thai Natura

Housing plan

Housing plan