The autumn bedrooms are dressed in earth tones, and they couldn't fit them better!

The autumn bedrooms are dressed in earth tones, and they couldn't fit them better!

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Pinterest: Victoria Smith

Autumn bedrooms decorated in earth tones are the trend of the moment, and this is confirmed by Pinterest searches, where thousands of users pinean every day countless inspiring images, with the aim of filling their homes with warmth. And now, tell us ... Do you have the place where your dreams come true?

Advertising - Read on below 1 Macramé headboards combine beautifully with earth tones 2 A bedding in earth tones will provide you with the warmest and most comforting dreams 3 Cream and wood, the perfect blend for a bedroom with minimalist air 4 Natural fibers triumph in details such as lamps or carpets 5 Plants are an obligatory addition in any bedroom decorated in earth tones 6 Navajo prints will make you get an irresistible ethnic look 7 Underneath, natural fibers. Above, a Persian carpet. You dare? 8 To adapt the earth tones to the industrial style, bet on a wall with wooden sheets 9 The boho look is still a favorite when it comes to bringing freshness to the bedroom 10 Another deco tip to get a sobriety point is to decorate the headboard with paintings and artistic pieces


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