Switches and plugs that reflect your personality

Switches and plugs that reflect your personality

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Schneider electric

If you have tired of using the typical dull and boring plugs, and you are looking for ways to modernize them, you are in luck, because Schneider Electric just created an application called Mix & Match which allows you to design your dream switch or plug step by step.

Schneider electric

The app It is so complete that you can choose the type of switch, the function, the background of the wall, the color... Come on, absolutely everything. Further, You have access to a wide range of features, such as lighting and ambient programs, presence detectors, USB sockets and thermostats, among others.

Schneider electric

To navigate the application, you just have to drag the plug or switch you want on one of the available bottoms, or on the actual wall covering that you plan to use in the room. How? Taking a picture and adding it to your personal library.

Do you want to try it now? Then enter here and start transforming your home.


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