Which cooktop suits you: Gas, hob or Induction?

Which cooktop suits you: Gas, hob or Induction?

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Know the main characteristics of each system, to choose the one that best suits your way of cooking.

Of gas. They are the ones chosen by professional chefs and purists because they respond quickly to temperature changes and admit all kinds of utensils. Its main drawback is that it is the most difficult to clean.

Vitroceramic It is an electrical plate that produces a progressive heating, works with all kinds of containers and is easy to clean. Its disadvantages: the important electrical expense and the delay in cooling.

Induction. Heats very fast, allows to control the cooking temperature, spends less than the ceramic hobs and is easy to clean Against it has not serve all containers and they are more expensive.

Multi Slider Touch, from Edesa. Courtesy of Edesa

Who is in control? Among the different designs on the market you can find a focus control or more minimalist models with touch control panels, such as the model plate Multi Slider Touch, from Edessa.

CAREFUL WITH THE MESSAGE! If your plate is induction, only those useful with magnetic base will be worth it.

7 pieces set, € 18.95, from Ikea. Courtesy of IKEA


It is the perfect companion to end dirt. It is not worth any type of blade, so you will have to choose one compatible with your plate.


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