Tricks and secrets to always smell good

Tricks and secrets to always smell good

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Do you like to be told how good you smell? In what areas of the body should be perfumed? What to do to last longer? Here you have all the answers.

The first point to keep in mind is to maintain a good habit of cleaning the body and hair. After the shower, it is necessary to hydrate the skin well with a neutral smell cream and after completing this task, apply the cologne. If your skin is dry, it will absorb much of the aroma, making the smell disappear quickly. Apply the colony on the neck and wrists, but also, behind the ears, knees, on the bend of the elbow and on the chest.

The perfect place to store your jars is a cool and dry place, such as clothes drawers or dressers. Do not leave it in the bathroom, the humidity that is concentrated in it, the heat of the showers and the constant light will make the fragrance not be the same in a short time.

Don't rub

After applying the perfume, do not rub! The aroma will break and last much less time.

Don't shake

Avoid stirring the perfume before putting it on. The movement can alter all components and will be damaged much earlier.

What is the aroma that goes best with you?

Before deciding on a perfume, try it because in each person it smells different. This is because we each have a different PH. If the PH of your skin is acidic, it will retain the aroma better. If on the contrary, your skin is more oily, it will transform it creating stronger odors, so you will have to choose perfume waters with floral or citrus notes in small doses.

Differentiate cologne and perfume. The first is an aroma with a lower concentration of essence, 6%, so its duration in the skin is shorter. They are cheaper, tend to be cooler, being ideal for spring and summer. The perfume has a higher aromatic concentration, between 20% and 30%, being able to withstand the smell up to eight hours on our skin.

Perfumes also have an expiration date. If they are well preserved they will last between 2 and 3 years. From that period they will oxidize.


Applying the perfume at a distance is a good way to distribute it better and last longer. It is recommended, 10 cm from the skin.

Air fresheners for the closet

Clean clothes will help you smell good all day long. The humidity of the closet, the sharing of footwear and clothing and other factors, make the smell of freshly washed disappear. To avoid it, put air fresheners, better if they are homemade and made with your usual cologne.

You are what you eat

Our diet will also vary our body odor. Meals such as asparagus, alcohol, black tea, coffee, garlic or onion accumulate substances that are subsequently eliminated through sweat, increasing the aroma of the body and nullifying or transforming the fragrance of the perfume.