A new decorative style arrives for vintage lovers

A new decorative style arrives for vintage lovers

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In the vintagebest known include furniture, lamps and details midcentury; but there is another with a clear palette, worn furniture and washed fabrics ...

In decoration everything evolves and with the influence of the Nordic styles and cottage, the retro is enriched and acquires a new look.

Advertising - Keep reading below Treasures of yesteryear PETER RAIDER / LIVING4MEDIA / GTRES.

Create a decorative still life, which evokes the simplicity and leisurely rhythm of other times, with a champagne and other silver details vintage.

Get a look romantic and shabby chic with paniculata. Its tiny flowers will form a white cloud, which will illuminate the whole.

You can find charming pieces in Platería López, Platería Muñoz Arce and Orchad Vintage.


In the vintage Nordic vivid colors are not used. Its beauty comes from a palette of neutral tones, which is not cold or monotonous due to the superposition of worn textures and subtle chromatic contrasts.

White, brown, and also black and gray, intertwine to create clean, serene and relaxed spaces. You can use paint chalk paint, It is sanded easily, to get the finish of this furniture. Find your tone in Annie Sloan's color chart at


In the decoration universe, antique furniture and pieces with history are on the rise, because they are authentic and unique, with their friction and scratches.

Where to look for them? In stores like Federica & Co., Vintage Macassar and Vintage & Chic you will find deco treasures; but be careful, because ... they fly! Do not say goodbye.

Gallery with history PETER RAIDER / LIVING4MEDIA / GTRES.

Decorate a passage area of ​​your house with a careful composition of yesterday's pieces on a retro piece of furniture. You will instantly see how that wall, previously bland, has gained visual interest.

If you don't have family deco treasures, take a walk around El Rastro in Madrid, Mercantic in Barcelona, ​​the almonedas and flea markets of your city ... You will rescue accessories with that soul vintage.

Vintage, shabby and scandi PETER RAIDER / LIVING4MEDIA / GTRES.

Let pure white and worn-out patina take over the decoration to create an environment that blends all three styles.

The woods that accuse the passage of time and the unique texture of natural fabrics make this room a very peaceful and cozy space.

Similar linen covers for sofas, at Blasco & Blasco. Linen cushions, from Zara Home and Maisons du Monde. Similar sheep skins, from the Swedish brand Shepherd, at Scandinavian Design Center.

Decoration and emotions PETER RAIDER / LIVING4MEDIA / GTRES.

The retro pieces - yes, also the kitchen utensils of yesteryear - have the power to recall memories and feelings.

Decorate with them and you will recreate the most endearing family moments lived in the kitchen.

If you have them in order and in sight, as in this wooden support with bar, the wall exhibits a simplicity that captivates. Utensils vintage, in Y