Learn to care for the poinsettia so it lasts longer

Learn to care for the poinsettia so it lasts longer

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One of the distinctive features to know if our plant is healthy is the green color of its leaves. Stars for Europe offers you some tips to take care of them if they are sick.

The Poinsettia: the language of its leaves

TOmarillas They indicate that the roots are damaged by an excess of irrigation. Do it with
moderation. Put a small amount of water at room temperature every two
or three days When you see that the substrate is dry or that the plant does not weigh when lifted.

Hanging greens. Air currents and cold are usually the cause of leaf loss even if they are still green. A temperature below 12º C can cause permanent damage. Do not buy plants that are on the street. Wrap them carefully before taking them home and place them in a warm, sunny place.

Dry. It is a sign of lack of irrigation. Dip the roots in water at room temperature, remove excess water and place in the pot. Trim the stems and dried leaves.

Brown spots or tips. It means that the plant needs nutrients, so you can add fertilizer from time to time.

When the plant runs out of leaves, it is the best time to prune it. Cut the stems leaving 10 cm long and seal the wound with melted candle wax.

Extend the life of your geraniums

These plants brighten up with their flowers the gardens and balconies during spring and summer. That is why it is important to know how to take care of them and keep them in winter, to enjoy their beauty again. His great enemies are the temperatures Extreme and frost. If you have them planted outdoors, transplant them into separate pots with a mixture of peat, vermiculite and perlite substrate, and water.

Place them in a room where there is a lot of light, keeping them away from air currents (both cold and warm). They should be at a temperature that ranges between 18º during the day and 13º during the night.

The cactues: Your faithful companion

If you like to decorate your house with plants, indoor cacti cannot be missing.

Put them in a pot that has good drainage and water once a week, since the environment will now be drier due to heating. Put them next to the window, in an area that is illuminated, but not directly in the sun. Create a composition like this one proposed by the firm Affari

Well warm!

Before lighting Fireplace It is necessary to perform a series of tasks for its perfect operation and to save heat. Clean the smoke cannon with chimney sweeps, check that the gaskets of the refractory tiles are well sealed and that the spark arrester grid is in good condition. And, also, don't forget to keep the utensils clean and ready.

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