New ironing and washing systems that will make you 'crazy'

New ironing and washing systems that will make you 'crazy'

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Courtesy of Brabantia

The ways of washing and ironing are always evolving and adapting to our needs. Therefore, if you are one of those who think that there is no life beyond the strings of the line, Take note of the latest news!

A clothesline that doesn't look like it!

George and Willy

This amazing drying system based on pulleys and wooden shelves, is designed to dry clothes quickly from the ceiling, taking advantage of the hot air from this space.

Ideal for small floors!

Buy it here

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Someone will iron for you ...


Is named Effie, and promises to become a authentic revolution of drying and ironing. But the magic of this mysterious machine that leaves your clothes plain as a table with the press of a button, can be easily explained with two words: heat and steam.

With space for house up to 12 garments, you will only need 6 minutes for each piece if you want to dry and iron, and 3 minutes if it is only ironed.

You just have to press a button.

And get the clothes ready!

Sounds good, huh? Well, you can book it on their website.

Buy now

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More options for your laundry

Extensible Clothesline Extensible Clothesline

To buy

39,99 €

From Rackaphile.

Extra Large Clothesline Extra Large Clothesline

To buy

44,95 €

From Hyfive.

Portable dryer Portable dryer

To buy

45 €

From JRD.

Iron Vertical Steam Clothes Iron Vertical Steam Clothes

To buy

37,99 €

From Langria.

Drying Balls Drying Balls

To buy

12,99 €

From Valneo.

Folding wall clothesline Folding wall clothesline

To buy

138,94 €

From Brabantia