An open and bright environment for a loft

An open and bright environment for a loft

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In a late 19th century building is this apartment in which its interior design stands out, very modern style; the result, a perfect synthesis between the old and the modern.

The objective of the reform, projected by the architects Jaime Magén and Luis BerrueteIt was precisely to reconcile the essence of construction with avant-garde solutions. All the partitions were thrown away to leave the space practically diaphanous, so that, after the works, the environments follow one floor, about 90 m² and in the form of L, only delimited through sliding doors. These are acid-treated glass panels that, suspended from the metal roof structure, allow communicating or independenting environments as desired. Only the toilet, the dressing room and part of the main bathroom are defined as closed rooms and isolated from the rest. A large central space houses the common areas, while the private ones were located at both ends of the house, to guarantee privacy.

The current distribution enhances one of the attractions of the original construction: a succession of slanted windows that give the facade of the building and that, in addition to providing natural light to all rooms, is perceived continuously from the bedroom to the living room. This wall, painted in a very intense red, highlights the original woodwork, restored and painted in white, in addition to providing a soft warmth.

Throughout the house an idea of ​​continuity was followed that conditioned the choice of materials. One was chosen oil-treated oak flooring to cover the entire floor. This uniformity only broke in the bathrooms, where a resin-based pavement was preferred resistant to moisture, or in the cooking zone of the kitchen, which was protected with a steel plate.

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The living room is a large open space, where the dining room and living area were located. The wall, painted in an intense red tone, accentuates the white of ceilings and carpentry. To provide a sense of unity and visual continuity, we chose to cover the floor of the whole house with the same material: oak floor treated with oil.

Beamed ceilings

The structure of metal beams of the ceiling was left in sight, although it was painted white to soften the industrial aesthetic. The red color of the wall and the light wood of the floor provide a necessary touch of warmth.

View of the living room with the kitchen in the background.

After a comprehensive reform, it was achieved that the different environments of the house were perceived as a continuous space. It was decided to make only the necessary independent by sliding doors.

Library in the lounge

The library that runs along the wall of the living room and that extends to the bedroom establishes a very effective visual connection, and accentuates the feeling of spaciousness. A sliding door, of DM lacquered in gray, separates both environments to achieve privacy. Carpet, by Nani Marquina.

Kitchen with dining room

The dining room and kitchen share the same space. To make the environments independent when the occasion requires, glass panels treated with acid were installed. These were suspended from the metal roof structure to enhance the current image of the apartment.

Current kitchen

The floor of the cooking zone was covered with a galvanized steel sheet, as it is a material more resistant to stains than the floor. Bell, from Pando. Siemens oven. Countertop, by Quartz Compact.

Kitchen in white and wood

The kitchen was decorated with white lacquered furniture and steel touches. The distribution, in L, was extended in a breakfast bar. This was installed on an extra-flat radiator. Stools and accessories, by La Oca.

White and red bedroom

View of the bedroom, where the bedside tables and the desk flown enhance the lightness and the feeling of spaciousness. White bedspread, from Ikea. Blanket and cushion, from La Oca. Carpet, from the firm Nani Marquina. Model Table Lamp Bourgiefrom Kartell.

Bathroom open to the bedroom

To separate the bedroom from the bathroom, a wall was built that acts as a headboard. This one was finished off with a transparent glass screen. The shelves that surround the mirror respond to the same aesthetic criteria as the shelving that appears reflected.

Bathroom: Washbasins

In the bathroom, the sink was installed on a blown countertop. Underneath, a bar-shaped towel rail was placed that runs along the entire wall. Washbasin, designed by Arne Jacobsen for Arquitect. Taps, from the firm Vola. Towels by Ikea. The accessories are from Trentino.

Housing plan

It is a practically diaphanous space, so that, after the works, the environments take place on a floor, about 90 m² and in the form of L.