A 40 m² loft in Madrid

A 40 m² loft in Madrid

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The owner of this Madrid loft, 40 m2I didn't have much free time to look for a house and, besides, I wasn't sure where to go to find what I wanted: a small but spacious house, with lots of natural light and high ceilings; Everything was quite complicated. The best solution was to put yourself in the hands of the Camden Town company; They were in charge of the whole process, from locating the house and managing the legal procedures, to the reform and decoration of it. The choice was a commercial premises at street level -spaces in which said company is specialized- and with a habitability license, and that met all the important requirements for the future owner. I enjoyed very high ceilings, quality that He took advantage to build a small loft where to install the bedroom. In addition, it had large windows, all equipped with acid crystals, to avoid the prying eyes of pedestrians. The works focused on demolishing all the partitions and creating a single open space. Only the bathroom remained independent, located just under the attic.

Then the kitchen was installed in an area that, having only two small windows, was the darkest of the premises. Therefore, in order to make the most of clarity, it was left open to the living room and the furniture was topped with a peninsula, which acts as a separating element without obstructing the passage of light. In any case, The objective of the reform was to achieve a single balanced and warm space. In it the coatings had a lot to do. The walls were painted in a very soft cream tone that helps to reflect the light; even one of the walls, which remained brick, was painted in the same color. Having such high ceilings and white walls, the environment ran the risk of being too cold; to alleviate this effect, we opted for a floating floor in natural beech, warm and very pleasant. As for the distribution, the area closest to the windows was chosen to locate the living area. Then the dining room, next to the bar that makes the kitchen independent.

In the decoration predominate wooden furniture in very clear finishes and in wenge, a combination of very warm and current tones. The loft was reserved for the bedroom, since, although open to the ground floor, it has some privacy and enough space for a good built-in closet.

Advertising - Continue reading below View of the ground floor from the attic.

The living area, located next to the windows to take better advantage of the light, shares space with the dining room. Sofa, by Ikea. Oak coffee table, by Aldaba (761 e / 16,619 pesetas). Wool rug in 1.40 x 2 m, from La Oca. Ikea dining table and chairs. Table runner, from Aldaba.

To take advantage of a retrofit

a large shelf was placed on the wall, very practical as a storage area. Its finish, in natural wood, is similar to the floor covering the floor. Shelving model Manto in birch veneer in Habitat. VTV chair.

Instead of curtains or blinds,

it was decided to install acid crystals in the windows. This type of glass allows the passage of natural light, but prevents the interior of the house from being seen. An indispensable requirement, since the loft is at street level. White chairs, from VTV and Knocker.

The living area and dining room

They share space with the kitchen. This one became independent by means of a bar that is, in fact, a continuation of the countertop.

In the kitchen

high cabinets were dispensed with so as not to overwhelm the space. Instead the low furniture was extended with an angled bar that increases the storage capacity. Nexus furniture, from Ikea.

View of the staircase that leads to the loft,

where the only bedroom in the loft was located. First, the dining area, and, in the background, the kitchen visually separated by a small bar.

The bedroom

He dressed in bedding in tan tones and dispensed with a headboard to lighten the mood. Instead of a night gallant, an original wooden towel rail was placed in which the blankets are also left. Bedding, Texture. Towel-shaped ladder, Habitat.


Small in size, it was solved with a custom made wooden furniture. It has two open shelves that were completed with fiber baskets.


Use warm tones as a base and combine them with a more colorful color. For example: Peach 1171, Hazelnut 1173 and Vermilion 1155; all of Titan Export.


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