A Nordic style apartment in Barcelona

A Nordic style apartment in Barcelona

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The owner of this apartment located in the Barcelona neighborhood of Les Corts He declares himself in love with the Scandinavian style. Taking a quick look at your home, this statement is confirmed. Darío has moved the Nordic style and mentality up to 72 square meters of his home, paying equal attention to both beauty and functionality in the result.

To achieve this, he reformed it, dividing the works into two phases. In a first, he changed the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. In the second, it was the turn for the bathrooms and the distributor. In public areas, white and black are the main protagonists of the decoration, enlivened by brushstrokes of yellow. In the bedrooms, he chose gray for the walls, to make them more cozy and intimate.

Advertising - Keep reading below Touch of color

Although white and black are the predominant tones in the decoration, Darío has given some brushstrokes of white to liven up her.


"For us, light is essential, but lamps are also a design element that allows you to decorate the room by combining shapes, colors and textures," says Darío about the number of lamps that populate his living room. The table globe lamp is inherited.

Redecorate your life

The living room furniture was acquired almost all in Ikea.

vegetal kingdom

One of the great treasures of this house is the terrace, full of plants.

Think green

Plants are another element that makes owners fall in love. Your terrace is a good example of this.

Eat with views

A small dining table allows them to enjoy the hottest months.

Great capacity

The owner has designed this furniture, combined high and low storage, open and closed, which serves both to store dining room items and accessories in the living room.

With good handwriting

Typography art is present throughout the house.

Casual meal

The passport has also been used to install a bar with high stools for more informal meals.

What a bird!

On a shelf, the Eames House Bird of the Eames.


A passport communicates the kitchen with the living room and lets in more natural light.

A lot of fiber

In a corner we find the lamp of the collection Sinnerligthat Ilse Crawford designed for Ikea. "Being bamboo gives the warmth of the wood to the room," says the owner.

Winning trio

As we can see, the combination of white, black and yellow has remained constant throughout the room.

Table for eight

In a corner of the room we find a folding table, ready to use when there are guests at home.

Winning mix

To take advantage of this corner and give it personality, they hung shelves String where they exhibit some of their collections and mixed them with the rocking chair of the Eames and some plants in suspension

High flights

The owner is in love with natural wood birds. These are the Shorebirds from Normann Copenhagen.

White kitchen

As the kitchen overlooks an interior patio, Darío chose white and reflective materials to illuminate and multiply natural light.

All hidden

The dishwasher was panelized so that it would be integrated and achieve visual continuity.

A lot of light

Darío paid special attention to lighting, choosing recessed LEDs to have enough light in the kitchen work areas.


To counteract the coldness of the white, Darío opted for beech wood for the countertop and table.

Create environment

The suspended lamp creates a more intimate atmosphere during meals.


As the kitchen is quite large, a dining area has been installed in it.


The apartment has 72 square meters and is divided between the kitchen, the living room, a bathroom, a toilet and two bedrooms.

Main bedroom

Next to the living room we find the master bedroom. Originally they were two rooms, but they decided to merge them and create a multifunctional space.

With great care

Every detail has been taken care of in every corner.


At the foot of the bed, an area with seats. The apred has been black and white striped.

Applied boy

A study area has been placed on one of the walls.

Good idea

To gain storage space, the headboard of the bed with cabinets was surrounded.

Second bedroom

The other room is used as a guest room and study.

Serene tone

For the bedrooms they chose gray as the main color.

Dual purpose

Cushions on the bed make it a perfect sofa to read when there are no guests.

More wood

The hall has been paneled with wood. In the background, the bathroom.


View of the bathroom, with white Silestone countertop and oak wood furniture.


Half of the walls have been tiled and the rest painted gray.


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